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Melody's Escape
Melody's Escape: New video! (Now with BPM detection)
2012. december 15. - Loïc

I've spent the last couple of months working full time on reworking the music detection engine from scratch. It now features fast and accurate tempo (BPM) detection (with DJ-software-grade accuracy!), something which I am very proud of, as the problem was excruciatingly hard to tackle.

I've posted a new video (on the game's Greenlight page) of the synchronization of obstacles (with a new music) to the beat. I also detect bars/measure (with the assumption that it is 4/4 music) to detect intensity sections.

No major changes to graphics yet, so it is still using placeholders images for the backgrounds (I will now work on different styles and visualizers for them).

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[King]-xXx-Felipe 2-xXx-[Clan] 2013. febr. 6. @ du. 8:20 
Link of Download The Demo >.<
98125435 2013. jan. 25. @ du. 8:53 
Wish you could test how it does for K-pop.. can't wait for release :)
batmoose 2013. jan. 25. @ du. 5:50 
I WANT THIS GAME. but im -73.17$ in debt to steam.
link_knight 2012. dec. 21. @ du. 7:40 
I am SO going to buy this game when it comes out, and also send it as a gift to a friend of mine. Can't wait, keep up the great work!
› Sexual Magic 2012. dec. 19. @ de. 8:15 
same here, keeping my fingers crossed. It looks amazing so far and I really hope you get the greenlight, keep up the good work!
Illyasviel von Einzbern 2012. dec. 17. @ de. 10:14 
so looking out for this game!
Vent Xekart 2012. dec. 16. @ du. 4:39 
Whiskey_Fox 2012. dec. 16. @ du. 3:50 
Excellent news!
Baka Andru 2012. dec. 15. @ du. 7:44 
Awsome! I want this =D
(´・_・`) 2012. dec. 15. @ du. 6:05 
Gieve now!