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Melody's Escape
New music detection engine - Now with fast and accurate BPM detection!
7 novembre 2012 - Loïc


I've been working full time on the music detection engine for the last few weeks, and it has paid off extremely well: Melody's Escape now features accurate and fast tempo (BPM) detection for any song with a stable tempo (music with electro drums or *good* drummers), with the same accuracy as most professional DJ tools out there!

What this means is that the obstacles will now feel much more in rhythm, since I can accurately place them on beats, or every odd beats, which is extremely important since the game does not react to every single detected notes/onsets (unlike most "play-your-own-music" games who do not have tempo knowledge), so choosing the right ones will determine how good it feels in "synch" with music.
It also provides me with information about measure and music sections, allowing for more precise intensity detection.

I will be integrating this complete remake of the library into the game this month, and then I will go back to polishing the gameplay :)

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9 commentaires
[King]-xXx-Felipe 2-xXx-[Clan] 6 févr. 2013 à 20h20 
Link of Download The Demo >.<
Erich von Manstein 8 janv. 2013 à 18h41 
i wonder where you came up with the idea of this game, beacuse it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweetooth 15 nov. 2012 à 17h49 
Can't Wait!!
Whiskey_Fox 7 nov. 2012 à 10h06 
Excellent! This game looks better and better
nosef 7 nov. 2012 à 9h30 
Whoah... that's weird
Mirthful Horror 7 nov. 2012 à 8h17 
Quarren King of Q 7 nov. 2012 à 8h05 
Comentarinformal-MPP 7 nov. 2012 à 6h23 
Holy shit background is green gradient
Dennis el Azul 7 nov. 2012 à 5h59 
I want to see you game soon on Steam! :D