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2013. április 15. - Acegikmo

Hello again!

There is now a more newbie friendly rocket called "Rooket" in the game, in addition to the good old "Storm" rocket!

Jump in and check it out[flowstormgame.com] :)

Also, we're still on Kickstarter! Barely hanging on, but it's still possible for the game to suddenly hit a large audience. We're doing all we can to spread the game, but it's tough when we're just two people working on it. It would be very, *very* helpful and kind of you if you could help spread the game as well!

Thanks for following us on Greenlight!

// Joachim & Jenny

Also, here's a neat animated .gif

2013. április 3. - Acegikmo

Hello again!

It took us months of hard work to pull this off, but now our Kickstarter and Alpha 4 update is finally here!

You can visit our Kickstarter here[kck.st] and play Alpha 4 here[www.flowstormgame.com]! The website has also had a major update, with level center[flowstormgame.com], design documentation[flowstormgame.com] and forums[flowstormgame.com]! So feel free to check that out as well!

Also, each user now have a statistics page, just click any name to see it, including yours! :)

We hope you enjoy this update, have fun! :D

// Joachim "Acegikmo" Holmér & Jenny "Sranine" Nordenborg

2013. január 18. - Acegikmo

These last few weeks, we've been working a lot with the website and preparing for web alpha 4, as well as preparing for a special announcement :)

This is what's coming in a few weeks:

Flowstorm alpha 4 (Web version):
• Local multiplayer 1v1 survival combat mode!
• New levels + 2 community levels
• Improved GUI
• Improved destruction model
• Scoreboards will highlight your position, even if you are outside top 13
• Login will be a browser cookie, so you don't have to relog every time
• Other minor changes

Target race levels (Like Shooting Range) have got some new changes:
• You no longer have to wait for the previous grenade to disappear to fire a new one
• Grenades are now limited by a set ammo count
• Targets can now be destroyed by your landing spikes.
(Since this is a gameplay change, we'll most likely clear the current scoreboards for Shooting Range for the next update)

• Much better looking!
• Public game design document
• Level center: You can now comment and rate custom levels.
• Level center: You can now favorite levels, so they're easily accessible.
• Level center: Custom level scoreboards will be fully functional when standalone A4 goes live
• Forums
• Single account; the same account is used for the game, level center and forums!
• Online users list
• Profile pages with statistics
• Front page with the latest news
• Account management (Change password, change email, etc)
• Some security improvements

We're currently looking for a way to work on the project full time, which just isn't possible at the moment. But we're working on it!

Also, here's a screenshot of the upcoming website:


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