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7 grudnia, 2012 - Colin Northway

Thomas Shahan, the artist behind the amazing look of Incredipede made a short video about the artistic process of creating the art of Incredipede:


(this video is also available in the videos and screenshots section)

23 listopada, 2012 - Colin Northway

People have been making some amazing Incredipedes. Here are ten that I personally really like.

Nice: {LINK USUNIĘTY}http://incredipede.com/?r=6312
Racer: {LINK USUNIĘTY}http://incredipede.com/?r=6518
Jolly Jaunt: {LINK USUNIĘTY}http://incredipede.com/?r=6521
Ballerina: {LINK USUNIĘTY}http://incredipede.com/?r=6321
Dr. Tinylegs: {LINK USUNIĘTY}http://incredipede.com/?r=6323
Lawn Mower: {LINK USUNIĘTY}http://incredipede.com/?r=6493
Yeaha: {LINK USUNIĘTY}http://incredipede.com/?r=6152
Inforcer: {LINK USUNIĘTY}http://incredipede.com/?r=6602
Fast Look: {LINK USUNIĘTY}http://incredipede.com/?r=6396
Reach Behind: {LINK USUNIĘTY}http://incredipede.com/?r=6243

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