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Enola: The Cabin (free version)
26 января 2013 - DarthMagnolia

Some of you may know that we've had a demo version of the game for some time. That demo had a problem, though, it was impossible to understand the story of the game because the demo takes place somewhere in the middle.

Enola: The Cabin is the new version of the demo. It includes the island and what we would consider the "first level" of the game. Those levels explain some of the events of the game, who Angelica is (the blond girl you see on the screenshots), and also gives a good idea of the story behind the game and how it sets Enola apart from other horror-themed games.

You can get Enola: The Cabin from any of these links:

The premise of Enola is: You’re a girl on a mysterious place, looking for her loved one, and you need to rescue her before it’s too late and the killer claims yet another victim.
(Basically the one you're looking for is Angelica).

Enola is still a work in progress, so you may find some bugs (even maybe some game-breaking bugs). Those are fixed as they are found. As it's still a work in progress, every time we update the game we will also update Enola: The Cabin.

Download the demo, feel free to upload "let's plays" on Youtube, and share this link with your friends! If you like Enola: The Cabin, please buy the alpha and/or vote on Steam Greenlight!