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Release Date on Steam: December 5th, 2012
20 listopada 2012 - tuco

The release is on Steam is now set: December 5th, 2012

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Komentarzy: 23
D R ∆ K E 17 sierpnia 2014 o 9:37 
ウィリ サンパイオ 4 lipca 2013 o 10:52 
Guust Flater 15 marca 2013 o 5:14 
Still waiting for Linux release.. Hopefully soon! Now playing guns of icarus thats available in steam linux in the meantime, also great game!
NetWaps 21 grudnia 2012 o 1:32 
i can't wait until this is released for linux
ShortPhuse 5 grudnia 2012 o 11:32 
I remember playing this game when it was in beta and distributed by the developers of Unreal Tournament about five years ago. Im sure it has come a long way since then! I look forward to getting back onto a ship....do they still use hanggliders to get on board??
Kuroi 25 listopada 2012 o 12:27 
I'll be waiting for my key then.. ;)
Rigatoni Meatball 21 listopada 2012 o 16:02 
http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Air+Buccaneers+Price Here is your link to the price.
TURTLEPOWUR 21 listopada 2012 o 7:09 
now what the price for it
The Bo Staff Man 20 listopada 2012 o 21:19 
A lot sooner than I had expected!
son_of_dracula 20 listopada 2012 o 17:53