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Sang-Froid : Tales of Werewolves
Quick update...
6 lutego 2013 - Artifice Studio

Hey everyone!

Burning the midnight oil here... ;-)

We are still working through some things for this to happen, but if all goes well, we'll have a "pre-order now and download the beta" starting Feb, 22nd. This way, for those of you who can't wait anymore, you'll be able to play Sang-Froid ( the Beta is the full release you know ;) ), also you'll be able to provide us with feedback to help fine tune the game before the final release! Thanks again for your support!

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Komentarzy: 24
Goiperz 9 marca 2013 o 8:33 
There will be the sequel of this awesome gay maybe with multiplayer beacause i played this game at my firend's home and the first thing i word i said is "WOW" so i hope u want do a sequel with multiplayer thanks to give to world a greate game. GOOD JOB GUYS!! :)
Artifice Studio 22 lutego 2013 o 6:05 
@ Inucan For those who want to pre-purchase the game, The BETA should be available at 1pm EST today ;-)
Inucan 22 lutego 2013 o 5:17 
today is the 22 14:16 and still no Sang Froid in the Steam shop hope the the game comes today to the shop so that we can buy it and play the beta
ASAP / ROCKY 19 lutego 2013 o 5:44 
Im liking the setting of the game. Gonna think about preorderind >: P
Ephraim HaZe'ev (The Wolf) 17 lutego 2013 o 22:01 
SHIINY! I can't wait
Gunderson Mallard 17 lutego 2013 o 15:45 
NIce! I will be preordering as well.
LSM 17 lutego 2013 o 4:04 
good news everyone! :) will preorder for sure.
Ipunchkids 15 lutego 2013 o 22:09 
This looks so good.
alexkenvollmer 9 lutego 2013 o 20:02 
I cant wait for it to be on steam
Detective Jana 8 lutego 2013 o 16:48 
Definitely gonna get the beta as soon as it's out :D