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Sang-Froid : Tales of Werewolves
Quick update...
6 février 2013 - Artifice Studio

Hey everyone!

Burning the midnight oil here... ;-)

We are still working through some things for this to happen, but if all goes well, we'll have a "pre-order now and download the beta" starting Feb, 22nd. This way, for those of you who can't wait anymore, you'll be able to play Sang-Froid ( the Beta is the full release you know ;) ), also you'll be able to provide us with feedback to help fine tune the game before the final release! Thanks again for your support!

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24 commentaires
Soldier 76 9 mar 2013 à 8h33 
There will be the sequel of this awesome gay maybe with multiplayer beacause i played this game at my firend's home and the first thing i word i said is "WOW" so i hope u want do a sequel with multiplayer thanks to give to world a greate game. GOOD JOB GUYS!! :)
Artifice Studio 22 fév 2013 à 6h05 
@ Inucan For those who want to pre-purchase the game, The BETA should be available at 1pm EST today ;-)
Inucan 22 fév 2013 à 5h17 
today is the 22 14:16 and still no Sang Froid in the Steam shop hope the the game comes today to the shop so that we can buy it and play the beta
Crisis Perrotini 19 fév 2013 à 5h44 
Im liking the setting of the game. Gonna think about preorderind >: P
Ephraim HaZe'ev (The Wolf) 17 fév 2013 à 22h01 
SHIINY! I can't wait
Gunderson Mallard 17 fév 2013 à 15h45 
NIce! I will be preordering as well.
LSM 17 fév 2013 à 4h04 
good news everyone! :) will preorder for sure.
Ipunchkids 15 fév 2013 à 22h09 
This looks so good.
alexkenvollmer 9 fév 2013 à 20h02 
I cant wait for it to be on steam
Detective Jana 8 fév 2013 à 16h48 
Definitely gonna get the beta as soon as it's out :D