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Sang-Froid : Tales of Werewolves
The contest!
2012. november 7. - Artifice Studio

Our "thank you everyone for the support" contest is almost over!
To show our appreciation to our faithful community, we decided to make our "Free Game Contest" even more cool by adding, in addition to the 25 free copies of Sang-Froid already announced, a 1:1 replica of Antoine St-Crapaud's magic axe, courtesy of "Les Ateliers Nemesis". This axe is the ULTIMATE collectors item and every true Sang-Froid fan should be ready to fight to the death to win it (we ourselves fought amongst each other until we learned we were not elligible for the contest...)!
visit our facebook page to participate : www.sangfroidgame.com/contest
Thanks again everyone!

17 megjegyzés
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Smed 2012. nov. 16. @ de. 10:36 
Telsis 2012. nov. 12. @ de. 11:06 
Telsis 2012. nov. 12. @ de. 11:06 
i want to buy it !!!!!!!!!!!!
Play 2012. nov. 11. @ du. 2:11 
and i held them in such high regards goes to show no one is perfect
DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS 2012. nov. 10. @ du. 2:57 
Canadians use kilometers... or hours!
Play 2012. nov. 10. @ de. 8:18 
of all 100ish greenlight games i voted for this one stands out by a canadian mile (do canadians have special miles?)
andrejhoward 2012. nov. 10. @ de. 1:50 
Very original concept. I like the game play being divided into 2 parts and also true to the fact tht the heroes are not stronger than werewolves.
jOj 2012. nov. 8. @ du. 12:21 
EVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN 2012. nov. 8. @ de. 4:37 
cest super bon ca osti
atomic_reactor 2012. nov. 8. @ de. 12:41 
Thanks! Good idea!