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Kiitos, että autoit tätä peliä pääsemään Steamiin! Lisätietoja sekä linkin kauppasivulle löydät alta.

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Organ Trail: Director's Cut
Buy Now! Retroactively get steam key!
10. tammikuu, 2013 - Boco

We are happy to announce you can buy Organ Trail right now for PC/Mac/Linux!

Buy Here -> http://hatsproductions.com/organtraildc/

We are super excited to be selling through the Humble Store (organizers of The Humble Bundle) because this means if you buy through them, you will retroactively get a Steam key when we get greenlit! You can also get a Desura key from the Humble Store or just buy directly on Desura.

Speaking of… the next wave of games being greenlit is on Jan 15th. We are currently rank 12! Now rank 5. So free free to spread our greenlight page around.

The PC version includes some new expansion content for free:

-Endless Mode! Play until you die
-Complete mini challenges as you play to earn more loadouts and modifiers for endless mode.
-Combat Upgrades
-Bonus ridiculous physics based driving game
-Over 40 new road events

We also tightened some knobs, and fixed some bugs so this newest release, 1.6.2, should be pretty solid.

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27 kommenttia
Kannibal 24. 2., 2013 15.31 
make a DOS version!
410 Billion Dead Cops 1. 2., 2013 19.22 
Have the Ipod verison, BUYING PC VERISON
gooddealjoe 31. 1., 2013 16.42 
This should be on steam!
stegsaurus 30. 1., 2013 20.57 
Really want this!
LoreMaster 26. 1., 2013 21.24 
Boco 17. 1., 2013 14.53 
@PhyreMatrix Yea... Clement's quest can get goofy/broken sometimes, haha. If you just stay still, sometimes you will reset.
PhyreMatrix 17. 1., 2013 13.05 
Not a game breaking bug but I was playing it this morning the Clements Drive or something and surprisingly this happened:

which caused my party to get stuck and die of hunger. :(
PhyreMatrix 15. 1., 2013 20.51 
I was looking forward to seeing this greenlit. I won't worry though. You guys will probably make the next batch.
Orisa's Rage 15. 1., 2013 18.51 
My childhood ;) so many memories
Breakdown 15. 1., 2013 16.53 
nooooooo, greelight!!!!!!!!! i was so exited to play this game on steam!