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All You Can Eat
Major Feedback Appreciation and Concern Alleviation
March 21, 2017 - gamechuckdev

What a day!

Close to two hundred YES votes and a featured article in a local gaming magazine![] (Croatian).

We had a long talk and found enough room in our budget for one banana.
(You might have to scroll through the comments if you don’t get this one, sorry)

We had no idea how much feedback being honest about our gameplay estimate would receive, so, allow me to share our reasoning and perhaps change your point of view. :)

We feel there are a lot of titles with gameplay padded in a way to produce the illusion of there being 'more game'. We think that approach creates repetitiveness and though the game could be played for a longer time, the experience starts to fade out as the player realizes they're a cog in the machine.

"All You Can Eat" is inspired by daily newspaper comics. By design, they are short (as in, no more than three panels long), a footnote of an otherwise serious publication, something you would read for a laugh during breakfast. Similarly, in today's even busier world, we would like you to have a rounded out experience (beginning-middle-end) when you just have little time available, instead of playing out bits of a much larger game you would have to finish later.

Some people asked us about the price. We think 1$ would fit the scope of this game.

We think it is hard to argue re-playability of a point and click adventure game, so we won't. It depends on whether you like the story and the art, both of which are subjective. That said, we think the chance to print out your own comic from the history of your gameplay at the end gives you at least one reason to go over it again. :)

Stay tuned,
Beaver, out.