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Soulless Wonder
March 29 - Riftlore

Hey folks! We adore your fan feedback and listen to all of you. Over the course of our campaign we have heard quite a few requests to include a female version of Lantz. Because of that we've changed our first stretch goal to accomodate the budget to add her into the game.

We have other news in our first update including more detailed coloring by Rod in an airbrushed style like his "Adventure Finders" comic! Many of you have noted this is a more appropriate style for a visual novel and we're happy to accomodate.

Check out all the news here:

March 23 - Darkain Arts

It's finally time! From now until April 22nd we'll be running the Soulless Wonder Kickstarter campaign to fund this amazing adventure! Check out more about our team, further details on the game, and how you can support us here:

March 22 - Darkain Arts

Hey everyone!

Promotion for Soulless Wonder is going well, but we still need your support to get the word out there! Even better, we should be live with our Kickstarter in just a few days as well featuring lots of news about the game. Thanks to all of you we've really made a splash here already! The greenlight campaign is on it's way toward being approved and with your help, we'll make it!

Above, you'll see Mina and Tandy. Who are these women? They are Zarwyn's elite hunters! Experts on monsters across the land. Fortunately for Lantz they'll show up along the way to give him advice while they continue on their own adventure. The included artwork is by Rod Espinosa, however it is still in it's concept phases.

Stay tuned everyone! So much more news is coming soon! Spread the word where you can and get ready for the launch of our Kickstarter!

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