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January 17 - ICA GAMES

As UAYEB is already reaching the Top 50, and to thank you all for your nice comments and votes YES, here is a new video of game play:

Game play video 02

January 10 - ICA GAMES

Hello everyone,

Have a look to 8:37 minutes of UAYEB game play!

This is taken after around 5 hours of playing the game. The player has already crafted the car and he is looking for the third Mayan artifact.

UAYEB Game play video 01 - 2017

January 9 - ICA GAMES

Happy new year everyone!
After 2.5 years of hard work, ICA GAMES is glad to announce the game UAYEB on Steam Greenlight!
Vote YES!

The next milestone will be a Kickstarter campaign to help the promotion of the game in Indie games events.

For now you can visualise the first trailer of 2017, with a lot of unreveals from the game!

Don't forget to vote for the game if you like it.
And many thanks for your support!

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