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A thank you and a quick clarification
December 15, 2016 - What Pumpkin Games

Wow! Front of the community page and #2 of all games in Greenlight in only a few hours! Amazing! Thank you so much for all the help voting and sharing the page! We're well on our way!

Just to clarify, ALL Kickstarter backers will be getting ALL 4 ACTS, and ALL soundtracks. Not sure where or when rumors to the contrary started, but we're putting them down down here and now.

We're so grateful to have such awesome fans, and we're so excited to show you what we've been working on. WE'RE ALMOST THERE!

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fictitious.solace Jul 17 @ 6:37am 
spikeminecraft32 Jul 5 @ 7:15pm 
Stormwalker76 May 20 @ 7:14pm 
Hold on there guys I'm with you I'm right now in sollux cosplay ready for this to launch I can't wait at all welcome to the homestuck fandom
RawrCatXD Apr 4 @ 6:22pm 
pls have some ofthe original characters.
crimsonblade Mar 31 @ 7:30pm 
cant wait for this game. im so exsided
Dylan Rox Feb 22 @ 5:09pm 
Jesarux Feb 11 @ 3:44pm 
IM SO PUMPED AND READY the music itself just gives me jitters!!!!!!!!
≡ Silverfray ≡ Feb 8 @ 7:22pm 
Just give them some time. I'm sure they'll have it out in a few weeks or so.
Dirk Strider {HLC:12} Feb 8 @ 5:58pm 
Oh look, It's February 8th, still no Hiveswap. >>>>>::::::::(((((((((((((
terminallyToreador Jan 29 @ 4:31am 
i'm so excited i'm going to