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Superposition Benchmark
March 9 - UNIGINE Corp.

Hello there!

We have great news for everyone who can’t wait new Superposition Benchmark![]

The beta-version of upcoming UNIGINE’s benchmark will be shown on PAX East, 10-12th of March, Boston[]!
There you can see Superposition’s live-performance and explore its amazing world on interective EVGA booth[] (and to test the latest GeForce GPU’s as well!). So if you’re going to visit PAX, don’t miss your chance to be the first who try UNIGINE’s new generation benchmark.

Livestream from the expo will be available here[].

PS: We guess you're worried about the release. Everithing go as planned! The release will come not long after PAX in late March.

January 16 - UNIGINE Corp.

Hello, everyone!

The first announcement in this year, unfortunately, won’t be very cheering. Superposition Benchmark[] was excluded out of the Greenlight after three months of active voting. It was #1 recently, but was declined by Steam moderation team because ‘benchmark’ is not kind of software that allowed to take part in Greenlight at the moment. Well, this is the unpleasant surprise for us as well, but those are the Steam rules.

Nevertheless UNIGINE team is grateful for your fantastic support, numerous comments and inspiring vote rate! Your vivid interest means a lot for us. Thank you, guys! :)

Though the benchmark won’t be available on Steam, we hope you are still waiting for it! Don’t worry, Superposition Benchmark will be released any way in Q1 2017, but as a standalone application. We surely let you know where and when!

So let’s stay in touch and we continue to share with you the latest updates about the Superposition Benchmark release! In order not to miss the update, you can subscribe to the Superposition news here:

Yours, UNIGINE team.

December 28, 2016 - UNIGINE Corp.

Good news, everyone!

Superposition Benchmark is now #1 in the Greenlight rating! 1787 voters said “Yes” to the software, and that is incredible 96% of all votes. Now upcoming Superposition Benchmark by UNIGINE is the most wanted item on Steam!

That’s an astonishing result! Thank you all for your support and feedback! And our team gonna keep on doing its best to release Superposition Benchmark as soon as possible with the highest quality!

Stay in touch and see you soon, in 2017!

December 22, 2016 - UNIGINE Corp.

Ho-ho-ho, Steam-users!

Unigine team was doing it’s best to release the Superposition Benchmark as we planned — in the end of 2016. As you see in the previous announcement, benchmark is fully operational. But our team want to offer you more than just another one stress-testing tool but a polished and extraordinary product (as Unigine team usually do!). And that’s why we have to delay the Superposition benchmark’s release until Q1 2017. So we’re really sorry about that, guys, but we need some extra time.

But! The good news is that you still can vote for Superposition Benchmark for a Greenlight on Steam!
All the Unigine crew wishes wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

PS: We hope, Santa will bring you some VR gadgets for X-mas. So that you can test it with the Superposition Benhcmark too!

PPS: Scientists celebrate Christmas too and our mysterious Professor as well! Do you like how he decorated his lab for the Christmas Eve?


December 9, 2016 - UNIGINE Corp.

Hello again!

Meanwhile, Superposition Benchmark by UNIGINE Сorp. successfuly passed the first public tests!
A few weeks ago the UNIGINE crew has presented the early preview of the Superposition Benchmark at the local IT conference in Tomsk.*

Hundreds of visitors have explored all the advantages of Superposition’s VR mode. Our guests were stunned by it’s mind-blowing graphics and the benchmark’s high interactivity. In the virtual world of Superposition they enjoyed the interaction with more than 600 active objects using the most wanted latest VR gadget — the Oculus Touch.

Guests were very pleased by the direct contact with the developers. And our team willingly answered all their questions and also revealed some extra details about the new product. And of cause we have gathered the inspiring feedback and great ideas for the new VR features! Our developers even have done the live coding and implemented two new cool features immediately during the event!

Watch the new video about the Superposition Benchmark and its exciting VR features in use!

* - BTW, this event caused the announcement delay, and we apologize for it. Finally, we are keeping our promise and sharing the new video with you!

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