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Limitless Fortune: Orbital Trade and Investment
Developer Update - 17 Jan 2017
January 17 - ZB App Studio

After a slowdown over the holidays, I'm back to making some progress for the Limitless Fortune's Steam version! Just wanted to give a quick update on how things are going.

The original iOS version of Limitless Fortune used a SQLite database that does not work on PC or Mac. I've been working to switch all of the local data storage over to a JSON database. Everything is mostly functional, but during the switch I introduced some bugs that I'm still trying to work out. This database stores everything from the current state of the game to all of your completed games, so it's definitely something I need to get 100% right.

On another note, I've created some new art to liven up the UI.

A new robot accountant to help you with your financials:

New alerts during transit:

Some more visual color for the ship dealer:

And more to come soon!

Will keep you updating as I make more progress.


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A-YO! Jan 19 @ 7:06am 
I love the new art that you've done! I hope that the rest of your work goes smoothly. Good luck!