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RTAG rise
January 4, 2017 - TheConceptBoy

Prologue. A compilation of unique levels will become available for free. Sign up to our emailing list to receive it first.

July 30, 2016 - TheConceptBoy

First of all, thank you everyone for voting. Now that we have the ability to publish I can switch full gears back to development. As the trailer and myself have mentioned, we have an early access verrsion of the game. I've shared the game with some closed developer groups and gotten a lot of valuable feedback in terms of art style and functionality choices. The next bit of production time will be taken to address the visual and functional aspects of the game:


  • Building Shaders.
  • Upgrading the Lighting system with a real time shadow engine.
  • Re-making the main menu to accomodate online - coop play.
  • Designing and Animating the character array.


  • Bug dynamic testing Online Co-Op
  • Adding competitive bonus games

July 19, 2016 - TheConceptBoy

With a new trailer. We thought we'd bring some new updates of what we have in store for the game.

  • First of all - Online Co-Op is a thing must now. We'll be re-designing the menu in a stylistically and feature accommodating manner that would allow you to join up with friends either Locally with added controllers or online and play the game together.
  • Early Access - The game is at a state where we can release an early access version featuring Over 20 Levels of Co-Op Gameplay. This game started as something I coded on a laptop, in a cafe, without a budget and now that I've switched to full on game development, releasing an early access will grand you the full access to the game and help Tim and I in development of the game.
  • We might even have to re-submit the project on Steam Green light if marketing the new trailer won't pan out with our current resources. As the Initial Wave of votes did not yield good results for us as, at the time, we only advertised Local Co-Op and that put many people off.

Stay Tuned

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