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July 14, 2016 - Catman

As of today, it has been one year since .Age passed Greenlight. Do not despair, it is still being worked on, silently, on everyday's train commuting trips. Balancing, drawing, bugfixing and reworking mechanics, the game is still coming even if I work from the darkness! ;)

March 9, 2016 - Catman

Hey there! Although I do not write often (ok, almost never) .Age is still in full development with many changes being done weekly.

Today is my birthday and what better day to show off what I did in the last months?

There is a whole load of changes and I'll show you what you can expect at release.
Take a seat and get comfortable!

New balance: Fear
The fear balance is here!
Make sure you keep your Pips healthy and safe, or their fears may start to make them act... weirdly.

All-new scrollable research tree
The research tree has been updated and redone, is now scrollable and the arrows work correctly.
In addition, all buildings now show their complete information.

Revised balancing and design
Game balance has been completely revised, with changes affecting all buildings and events, for a better.
Some small gameplay changes (such as Pips being stunned when they have no food) will go a long way towards balancing.
Event frequency and class have also been balanced to obtain a fairer game!

New Agepedia
The Agepedia got a complete overhaul and even shows additional information on terrains and game traits, as well as a button to access past hints.

Pip information and names
Pips now have their own randomized name and show more information, such as the number of turns they are left stunned.

New hints
Hints have been completely redone from scratch to be more informative, and many more have been added.

New pool UI
The pool is now more informative and shows how values will change at the next turn.

Better zooming
The new UI also brings with it improved zooming funcionality!

Interactive tutorial
Yep! By large request, I added an interactive tutorial to help newcomers.

A lot of new buildings!
A complete set of buildings has been added for the release (and their sprites are in progress)!
Also, the building traits system has been completely revised to be clearer and more balanced.

Dozens of new events!
A whole load of new events has arrived! We are at a quota of more than 100 events as of today! Cower in fear!

Building Menu
The radial building menu has been redone and now sports a lot of information to find what you need,
as well as showing info on all the different aspects of hovered buildings. No more guesses!

Title Screen
I also added a new title screen with more options and social buttons, as well as...

Difficulty support
.. difficulties! The game now sports difficulty levels: easy, normal, and hard.
These will affect event frequency and magnitude!

Revised Prediction and Balances UI
The UI that collects the elder's predictions has been redone with plenty of animations and feedback and should now be clearar.
The balances UI also had some more feedback added to it.

Highscores screen
I redesigned the highscore screen and it is now better visually and more informative.

Tooltips and better cursor
I hope you noticed in the screens... rejoice!
I added tooltips to everything, as well as giving visual hints when you can access the agepedia!

Localization support
It should be clear by now from the screens; all the game systems have
been rewritten to support localization and the game is now localized in English and Italian,
ready to be localized for other languages as well.

New event animations
All events have had their sequence, animations, and visuals updated or completely redone.

Special effects for buildings and pips alike
A set of special effects have been added for Pips and Buildings: burning Pips, flooded Buildings, plagued Buildings and so on!

Terrain statistics
Terrains now sport their own statistics, which will be used for specific game effects.

Revised all particle effects
All particle effects have been redone from scratch to bbe more compelling while still keeping the pixelated feeling!

Last, but not least, the end game has been created! The APOCALYPSE is a reality and will be the final test for your village! Will you be able to fight off the Apocalypse?

...and much more!
I am surely forgotting something. :)

The game's content is all ready to go, so we are approaching the BETA release! I will continue balancing the game until
I am satisfied with the results, while fixing the various bugs.

Stay tuned for more informations on the game's release date and get ready to play .Age!

October 28, 2015 - Catman

Hey there, it's been a while, but development is still progressing!
A new demo is in the works, and I'll tell you some of the new stuff you will find.

First, a new major feature has been added: the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse works as the end-game, think of it as the 'boss fight', and is triggered once you reach the last day of a playthrough.
I won't spoil what will happen, but here is a WIP screenshot of its coming!

Apocalypse incoming[]

All GUI has also been redone from scratch.
Tooltips, information UIs, pip names, new zoom capabilities, new options, pinning, resource counters, a new research tree, and more!

New research tree[]

A complete in-game interactive tutorial will now ease the initial impact with the game.

New tutorial[]

A lot of new content has been added!
New Buildings (the graveyard, the library, the garden and so on)
New creature special states, such ash Haunted, Burning, Frozen, and building states to match.
New Building traits, such as scale affinity and immunities.
New terrain type: Cliff.
And much more!

Next up: a new World Balance: Fear!

July 14, 2015 - Catman

It's done! .Age got greenlighted!! Thanks to everybody for the support! Now I'll celebrate by adding an APOCALYPSE to the game! :D

July 8, 2015 - Catman

Hello people and thank you for the support so far!

Did you know that the music of .Age comes from real medieval music, more than 400 years old?

Luigi, the musician, took the Montpellier Codex, which is an old document that holds hundreds of music sheets, written in the medieval era.

He took some of that music and rearranged it in a more retro-pixelated style, adding synth instruments to the mix, in order to achieve the final feeling of .Age!

Here is one of the game's music sheets:

Luigi will keep up with the good work by selecting other sheets and putting them into the game, Huzzah for medieval music!

Thanks and keep up with the feedback and bug/suggestion reports!

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