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MEG 9: Lost Echoes
February 7 - Skunkwerks Games

We are proud to announce the new MEG 9: Lost Echoes trailer.
If not already please follow us @SkunkwerksGames on Twitter for the latest news.

November 4, 2016 - Skunkwerks Games

On November 5th, MEG 9 Devs will be participating in Extra Life to help out kids at our local children's hospital! We will be broadcasting live from our studio for 25-hours starting from 8 AM PST and ending at 8 AM PST the following day. We will be playing a wide variety of games throughout the day, so check back with us to see what's new!

You can donate to our cause on our Extra Life page here[], and come chat with the devs on our Twitch Stream here[]!

October 7, 2016 - Skunkwerks Games

Our Greenlight page has been updated with new images to reflect the revised visual style we have been working on over the last few months. Stay tuned for a new trailer in the near future!

August 31, 2016 - Skunkwerks Games

Hello everyone! The MEG 9 dev team has been hard at work on the project, and many exciting new opportunities have surfaced for us. It’s been a busy couple of months for us all, and we regret that the trailer we teased in our last update is not quite ready for prime time. Yet, we would like to share with you a sneak peek at what the future holds for MEG 9: Lost Echoes, along with some highlights of what we’ve been working on.

Revised Deployment System
We have completely overhauled how build mode works, allowing the player to seamlessly build units at any time without relying on MEG. We have also lowered the camera angle, and the player can now continue to drive and move the camera while deploying units.

Introducing MEG Abilities
Originally, MEG was simply a conduit for building, but now has become a potent companion with three unique and upgradeable combat roles to complement a variety of strategies. Want to focus on building the ultimate deployable fortress? The Support role will allow MEG to repair units and increase their effectiveness. If attacking the enemy head on is more your style, the Disruptor role will have MEG weaken and distract enemies, setting them up for the kill. Finally, the Scout role focuses MEG’s environmental awareness, highlighting important objects and enemies in the battlefield and directly feeding the information to the HUD. These roles can be switched to at any time to suit the flow of battle.

Overhauled Visuals and Sound Design
Almost every single model in the game has been updated to a new cohesive art style, and several sounds have been reworked and improved. The Rig sounds beefier, weapons sound more destructive, and Corruption is even more unsettling.

Revised HUD and UI
Crisper, cleaner, and more informative, the new HUD accommodates MEG mode functionality while providing a user-friendly interface.

This is a very exciting period for us here at Skunkwerks Kinetic and we look forward to sharing more of our vision with you all in the near future! As always, keep an eye on our Twitter for up-to-date news and information. Thank you for all your warm support and enthusiasm!

July 7, 2016 - Skunkwerks Games

Thank you all for all the wonderful support and enthusiasm for MEG 9: Lost Echoes! The Skunkwerks team has been hard at work since our last showing at PAX Prime 2015, and we are very excited to unveil more of the Probability Aperture soon. Expect a full update, along with the release of a brand new trailer in August!

For more up to date news and information, follow us on Twitter!

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