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October 27, 2015 - kisguri

Thanks to everyone for voting.

ClickteamLLC brings a "what could have been" arcade classic Necromonads to Steam today! Enjoy a unique twist on the arcade shooters of yester yore in the frantically paced game.

The Necromonads are at it again!! Colonists must in a orderly fashion proceed to the nearest shelter while the highly trained star pilot provides cover. Inspired by classic arcade shooters but with a twist. Captured colonists become infected and spread it to others. stop the Necromonads infection invasion now!


Blistering Arcade Action
Keyboard or Joystick Control
Lasers, and yes that's right, Bombs!
Multiple Enemy types
Steam Leaderboards & Steam Achievements
Space Zombies


Each level of Necromonads consists of a number of Colonists and Infection shelters that the colonists try to run to. The Necromonads will attempt to capture and infect the fleeing colonists. To accomplish this they upduct them as the flee and bring them to the top of the screen. Once to the top of the screen the colonist becomes infected and dropped back down them.

Once infected they spit virus bile to nearby colonists causing the infection to spread. Your job as Star Pilot is to stop the Necros long enough for the colonists to get to the shelters, Moving to the next level occurs when all colonists are accounted for and more then 50% of the remaining colonists are safe in the shelter. The Necros will send various different forms after you to stop you as you progress.

July 23, 2015 - kisguri

Allow me to present another one of my game "Quadle" a excellent Jumping Arcade Puzzler game #MadewithFusion! Just released on Steam today!

About the Game

A brand new arcade puzzler from Gamesare Studios, Invoking the memory of classic arcade cabinet games but adding a new twist. Jump on the blocks as the titular character Quadle, changing the block colors till they are red. Once red they fall away. Eliminate all blocks on the screen to go to the next level. Be careful not to corner yourself into a situation where you can jump to the next block.

With three worlds and a initial offering of 96 levels there is plenty of arcade puzzle action to frustrate I mean to enjoy. Of course just when you think you g0t the hang of it, Quadle is introduced to new suprises, like switch panels, spring beams, drop blocks and more. Can you get through all 96 levels?

For those of you wanting more punishment er I mean challenge, use the Steam Workshop level editor to design your own boards and share them with friends via Steam Workshop, and check out the puzzles they create!

  • 96 levels of arcade puzzle action
  • 3 worlds featuring the amazing musical and artistic talents of Ilker Esen
  • numerous puzzle challenges change through out, spring panels, teleports and shrinking bricks to name a few
  • Full controller support
  • Finish on special panel for bonus points
  • Build your own levels with the editor and upload them to Steam Workshop
  • Download other user created levels
  • Guaranteed to frustrate I mean sorry, please you


June 9, 2015 - kisguri

Check out Necromonads and several other cool games on groupees latest Who's gaming now bundle!

Pay what you want for a total of 6 games including Necromonads and make sure to vote for them on greenlight. If they reach 3,000 sales then they will unlock a seventh game. Games are either redeemable on Desura or are DRM free.

September 7, 2014 - kisguri

Necromonads is now available to you on!

My first time retailing a game on It was recommended to me. Any comments on the site? I do love the formatting tools he provided to make quasi custom pages for folks individual titles. Also it is neat to see alot of deep indie experiments. I beleive indie projects are what seem to be driving inovation in game development. So anything that helps it thrive.

September 3, 2014 - kisguri

If you just can't wait for the powers of Steam to bless Necromonads with a light of green, you can check the game out on IndiegameStand for a special price of 0.99. Yes indeed less then the price of four games of defender!

Users who buy it will be able to grab a Steam key once it launches on Steam, As a thank you for your early support. Let me know what else you want to see in Necromonads!

Also available at Clickteam's Clickstore

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