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Das Tal - PvP Sandbox MMO
Give-Away: 5 Alpha Keys for Greenlight Supporters

Welcome everybody to our new Greenlight page. Thanks for being here and for supporting our game!

To give something back to our most supportive fans, we have decided to give out 5 alpha keys per month to you. Getting one of them is easy: Send a short note to and tell us that you want in. That's it. We're going to randomly pick 5 of you at the end of each month and send you a key. It would of course be nice if you'd also support our campaign here - but that's not required at all.

We're also not going to sign you up for any newsletters or anything. You can of course still sign up for our regular Alpha Testing List[] and increase your chances of getting in even more.

Looking forward to see you ingame!


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meunstercheease Oct 16 @ 6:02am 
SaintNigga Oct 15 @ 6:46am 
Cool! Voted!
Kopanda Oct 15 @ 1:12am 
Ieliar Oct 13 @ 7:32am 
Mr. Law' Oct 13 @ 4:28am 
Neron2222 Oct 10 @ 11:54pm 
stomparompa Oct 10 @ 8:18am 
Nice game.voted
Фор Oct 8 @ 11:54pm 
SkyWind8 Oct 8 @ 1:49pm 
Rock-n-Rolla Oct 8 @ 4:41am