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Zombie Office Politics
December 3, 2015 - TalkingMudcrab

20% discount offer ends 9th December

After over 18 months in development I’m delighted to announce that Zombie Office Politics is now available on Steam Early Access. This is my best shot at what I think would be a funny entertaining game. Although more content and features are planned to be added over the next few months, this is a complete game, playable end-to-end.

About Zombie Office Politics

Battle Zombies, save your co-workers and earn that promotion you’ve always wanted in this hilarious new Zombie RPG with a difference.

Zombie Office Politics is an old-school three-quarter-view RPG set in an office where the staff are mysteriously turning into zombies. Forget an easy first day watching Health and Safety videos and getting your picture taken for your I.D. badge. You’re off on an epic journey through unexplored reaches of the office. Your quest - to halt the Zombie outbreak.

Battle Zombies using improvised everyday items found in the office, paper balls, dvds, paper clips and many more. Stock up on essential supplies such as coffee and donuts at vending machines, or even recycle your unwanted items into cool new stuff.

July 10, 2015 - TalkingMudcrab

The Ultimate Office Crawler

20 + Huge levels to explore.
20 + Different types of Zombie and Bosses to destroy.
100+ Different items to either eat, drink, wear or hurl at Zombies.
30+ NPCs to interact with, offering irreverent and hilarious dialog.

I've posted a new gameplay trailer on youtube:

July Update

With August just around the corner things are still looking promising for Steam Early Release next month. The game is now playable end-to-end and I’m currently working through the levels improving dialog, fixing minor issues and tweaking difficulty and level progression.

There are a few extra features to implement such as decoys and gluing zombies to the floor but these will probably come after the Steam Early Release is out.

About Zombie Office Politics

Zombie Office Politics is a retro 2d adventure RPG set in an office where staff are being turned into zombies. The game mixes humour with fun, simple gameplay and highlights some of the human aspects of the daily work environment. Hopefully this combination makes the game a little different from other zombie games and other rpg/adventure games out there.

April 23, 2015 - TalkingMudcrab

So here’s a (very) long-overdue update. It’s surprising how engrossing the game-making process can be, causing me to neglect posting updates.

With my excuses out of the way - on to the news.

I always promised that in the later stages of the game’s development I wouldn’t rush to get it out, thereby risking the game’s quality. As each week goes by, more polish is added, more graphics come through from the artist and the game becomes more rounded and real.

At the moment I’m busy designing the levels, designing bosses and generally smoothing and refining gameplay. Most of the work last year was really about setting up features. It’s only over the past few months that I’ve really started to build a game.

The main story is done but I’m continuing to refine it and add more side quests and rewards. There are several main characters now with defined motives.

I’m also considering a change of name - originally it felt like an adventure with zombies in an office but “Zombie Office Adventure” was only ever a working title. At the moment “Zombie Office Politics” is favourite. As the quests have developed more politics have been introduced so this title seems to fit best at least IMHO.

So everything is going well and I’m aiming for the Summer to get this on Steam Early Access. Summer is intentionally vague - as I don’t want to impose an artificial deadline on myself but at the same time it has to come to an end soon.

As always thanks for your interest in the game - everything is still on course and I’m really looking forward to getting it out there and seeing you guys play and enjoy it.

Until next time

December 7, 2014 - TalkingMudcrab

So Zombie Office is doing amazing things over on Indiedb. Just edged into the top 50 of the top games of 2014. With only 2 days of voting left head over there right now and vote for Zombie Office!!!

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