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Rock Simulator 2014
Rock Simulator Controversy

Hi everyone!

For the past few days, there has been controvery over the legitimency of Rock Simulator. Before we start this discussion, I assure you the game is still under development by the original team and all money donated is going towards it.

When I first started this project, I was doing it solo. I brought on a few 3d modelers and other staff to help out with the game. One of the staff was Arie2929. I hired Arie to help out with the community, to do things such as update Facebook and Twitter pages, along with make a trailer. Soon after him joining the team, it immediatly became clear that he did not have the right intentions. Keep in mind that we hired him to manage social media. He wanted to become co-owner of the company. If I let him do this, all of the other staff who were hired before him would feel that it is unfair. Because of this, along with immaturity, we decided in a conference with other staff that we should let him go.

Now here is where we stand. Arie has "stolen" the game and is claming he is the original creator. This is entirely untrue. I hold Copyright for this game and its contents.

Bascially, without sounding too unprofessional, he is upset that we let him go from the team, so he wants to retaliate.

We are in contact with Steam and we are working with them to remove the other Rock Simulator from greenlight (it is now removed for breaking Steam ToS),along with multiple videos he has made to retaliate as they contain Copyrighted content.

Thanks for the support, and rest assured that your money is going to the right place and that the game is still under development.


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alberttest31 Sep 2 @ 6:25pm 
@Jman @DisturbedOne "we hired arie" arie was his good friend i doubt you "hired" him due to he is your friend. "unprofessional" i've seen enough drama to see where this is going "So he wants to retaliate" You have known him ryan just why."Soon after him joining the team, it immediatly became clear that he did not have the right intentions" Exactly how? As I said you had known arie. "Because of this, along with immaturity, we decided to conference with other staff that we should let him go" What kind of immaturity? I saw pictures about what happened from researching and what happened to arie. I saw the picture clearly real about what happened and why is arie blocked. It seems to me that you would fired him if he would have explained to arie. As i said 2 times you were his friend YOU KNOW him you made LIES about him (Atleast in my perspective and this is why im explaining). I have not broke any rules on commenting
The Guy Aug 25 @ 8:21am 
Stop trying to push this game. This is Mountain 2.0.
Jman88s Aug 21 @ 4:39am 
Sounds more believable than Arie's side.
Jamega Aug 13 @ 1:32pm 
This game looks boss.
EXIMA Jul 30 @ 8:03am 
dude, you are making the rock simulator. This is kind of a shame in itself....
DAB-Masterson Jul 30 @ 2:48am 
This whole situation is shady, end of story, it's he said, he said. You both lose at the end of the day. Everyone can move on now.
Japanese Popcorn Juice Jul 23 @ 11:33pm 
Please, please, PLEASE re-upload the trailer video set to Biggie Smalls/Thomas the Tank Engine. It was my favourite YouTube video of all time. Now it is gone. Please upload again.
By the way, love the concept, will buy :)
Anonymister Jul 14 @ 5:39pm 
Legitimacy? Ok, then tell me, is this game legitimate, or is a troll submission by a troll developer?
Disturbed0ne Jul 10 @ 11:54am 
That sounds a lot more plausible than the story that he's told in his video.

I wish you luck with your company! :D
Strange Panther Jul 10 @ 11:29am 
Right. He was an employee that we let go, and he wanted to retaliate so he made ridiculous claims.