Dette spil har fået grønt lys af fællesskabet!

Fællesskabet har vist deres interesse i dette spil. Valve har kontaktet denne udvikler for at klargøre til udgivelse på Steam.

God of Destiny
Partners with Perfect World for China market !

It's excited to announce that we are partnering with Perfect World for G.O.D's publishing in China. Players in China please follow us closely, we will make the schedule and details public as soon as possible.

For the rest of you, who are not familiar with the three languages (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English) developed for G.O.D, please leave your comments here and let us know your needs!

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Picaro 28. jul kl. 1:30am 
Bemo 21. jul kl. 7:44pm 
the game look cool but is there a link to where i can get it please thank you
Гончаров Олег 8. jul kl. 10:06pm 
WAYI Entertainment ok. thx. If PWE pertners - for russian no problems open another server + translated into Russian (as is done with Neverwinter). + if there will be restrictions on the region - it is possible play in the English version.
WAYI Entertainment 8. jul kl. 7:43pm 
English version has been added to our development schedule, will update you as soon as we confirm the date. For Russian version, we would definitely evaluate its possibility.
Thank you!
sergio gonsalez sanches XD 7. jul kl. 11:31am 
i need english ui please i don't understand chinese words just purchasing recomended items and plaing like a noob in team please make english ui
Гончаров Олег 30. jun kl. 3:00am 
So? - Russian) but English knw.