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InSomnia RPG
February 19 - samasta

Hello everyone! While we still fight our way with translating closed beta content to English, we would like to give you a more detailed look at current state of InSomnia role-playing system.

Creating your character

While most of the RPGs give you an opportunity to distribute the skill points and set your other stats before the actual game even started, we believe that playing a game such as InSomnia using that approach is not the best solution. How would you possibly know who you want to be in the world you are experiencing for the first time?

What we do is giving you a starting point - an opportunity to pick a background (biography) for your character which will influence your starting gear and give you initial boost for one of the skills (you'll have at least 5 various bios to pick from). After that point whenever you get a level there's a skill point that you can distribute to develop one of many skills and attributes available.

Each one of them has 4 levels (except the ones that are listed in italics under the images below) and getting higher levels require more skill points to be invested simultaneously, so no easy mode or "Jack of all trades" type of character creation will be possible. Getting levels is tough work here.


The basis of any character are Attributes. When it comes to InSomnia we are talking about:

Does SASS sound like a good and fancy short name for this system? We hope so, however you are free to come up with one on your own.

Skill types

When it comes to skills they are being divided into two main groups. First one is General Skills and it includes:

Combat Skills on the other hand consist of two different branches on it's own. Let's start with the first one which would be Close Combat. If you like to deal with your foes in person than this is what you can pick from:

...and finally Ranged Combat. If you prefer to talk to people while keeping them on the other side of your gun then this is what you are going to get:

Other than that there's also a system of so called Achievements or Scars that you will get for different reasons and that are able to make an impact on how people react to you. Also as you might have noticed there's no separate skill that would directly affect your ability to persuade people while talking to them. This is because all other skills you develop (or not) serve as triggers to certain dialogue lines or scenarios. So pick wisely...

Your choice matters

So let's say you've invested some of your skill points into Explosives. How exactly this can help you on your way through Object 6? Other than disarming landmines there are certain situations that can have a really dramatic outcome. One of the missions you will get while playing InSomnia is help with handling the revolt that was started by the group of most miserable and poor segments of Ark's population -- the Getters.

As a part of your task you are being sent into tunnels to search for any saboteurs who could possibly use the revolt to distract the attention of the Ordinate, the army-like fraction of Object 6. On your way through the tunnels you are being attacked by saboteurs indeed and next thing you know - they planned to blow up the local military checkpoint by setting up the massive amounts of explosives beneath.

If you happen to be handy enough you will be able to disarm those explosives... well, just in case. In the end you will face a young guy holding a detonator in his shaking hand. Disarming the bombs previously will prevent him from blowing up the checkpoint in case you won't be able to talk him out of this. Otherwise you will end up with your fellow soldiers get killed and basically fail your commander.

So disarming the bombs or persuading the young saboteur to get his fingers away from the detonator button seems like a perfect outcome for everyone (well the guy is going to jail obviously), but is it really it? And what happens to the revolting crowd? Live shows that sometimes there's no such thing as happy ending...

PS. until next time! We will keep you posted regarding the closed beta and all other InSomnia related activity in the following weeks.

January 4 - samasta

Hello everyone! First of all Studio Mono wishes you happy holidays and quality time with your families and loved ones. We worked really hard to deliver you the promised closed beta in time and everything indicated that we will succeed. As gamers ourselves we understand quite well all the excitement that is associated with getting first exclusive and extensive play of the project that has been under development for so long.

However something we didn't understand was the exact time we would need for translating all the text content of the game to English. Which basically mean we have a beta for you to test but can't give an access to it just because most of you won't understand majority of the things that are going on (dialogues, plot and story etc), so the whole idea behind beta test looses its meaning. Sure we have quite a few Russian-speaking backers but we feel it wouldn't be fair to give an access to the closed beta to a certain group only.

We shouldn't have promised something that we won't be able to deliver (for any reason) and we are sorry for that. Another thing for us to learn and we will do our best not to repeat this mistake in the future. To spark things a little bit we want to show you the first look on how it would feel to be (almost) invincible in the world of InSomnia: will certainly keep you updated on everything what's going on in the following weeks. Again we are very sorry for this unexpected delay and wish all of you great holidays!

See you all in 2018!

December 3, 2017 - samasta

Hello everyone! We kept radio silence for quite some time now but there was a good reason for that. As a reward for your patience this update will contain some very pleasant news. So let's roll...

Closed InSomnia beta test

So long story short: the closed beta test for everyone who is eligible to have an access to it will start later this month. This means you definitely will have something to occupy yourself with by the end of the year. Hopefully you are as thrilled about this as we are. When the time comes we will finally distribute the Steam keys that will eventually transform into final InSomnia build.

Official release date announcement

The launch of closed beta test will be naturally accompanied with updated Steam page for InSomnia that will include the release date of the game and new trailer. This means that this December promises to be a very busy month for all our backers.

The publisher

Other good thing is that we have left all legal issues regarding getting along with the publisher behind us and the agreement is signed now. We made sure to get the best deal possible to deliver something we'll be all proud of.

The name of the publisher and all good things that come with it will be announced in the next Kickstarter update that will go online in the following weeks along with closed beta Steam keys distribution, release date announcement and new InSomnia trailer.

This is really happening and we are so excited and thankful to all of you for your patience and belief that you've put in our project.

Stay tuned!

October 5, 2017 - samasta

Hello everyone! We have promised to deliver important news this month, so here we go:

  • Russian to English translations of all text content will be started by the end of October 2017 (it will take about two months to process it all)
  • the development of InSomnia will be finished by 1st of November 2017. This is when the most serious testing phase will kick in
  • in January 2018 we are getting all text translated. By this time we will be able to fix most if not all issues discovered during the testing period, and basically this is when we will be ready to start Steam EA
  • the official launch of InSomnia is planned to be started in February 2018

We are also working on the release trailer for the game. Currently all the material has been already collected and is on the editor's table now.

We will certainly have more news throughout October as legal stuff is taking ridiculously long time to be completed (this includes the final name of the project as you might have guessed "insomnia" is the name that has been already trademarked but we are looking for ways to keep it one way or another).

Once again we are very thankful to all of you incredible people who believed in us (some of you did this twice which means a lot), and we hate to keep you waiting for so long. As you can see we are finally getting to the point when InSomnia is released and this fact fills our hearts with lots of joy and satisfaction.

There is still work to be done but we are ready to do everything necessary for this game to be delivered to you. Stay tuned as there are many exciting things waiting for all of us ahead. Get yourself on InSomnia hypetrain:


August 1, 2017 - samasta


Hello everyone! Today we will show you some new in-game screenshots and give you more information on where we at right now (click on images to see full resolution).

Much of our work these days consists of testing of all the new game levels and especially the combat system behaviour, light and sound effects (radio, loudspeakers music etc.).


We continue to add unique content such as in-game rewards for backers and also work on balancing the craft system (as you might remember you will need resources to craft stuff and we are heading towards lack of those to make the whole process more complex and rewarding).


We also started the process of scripting the cut-scenes for the end of the game and lets say there will be quite a few of those. Other than that we are expanding on boss fights which means adding new types of enemies and all necessary animations.


Plus we have finally started to work with the publisher who is helping with translating all the text content of the game at the moment. We still have to solve a few legal questions before starting a full-fledged cooperation and as soon as it's done you'll be the first one to know all the details.


Other than that the process of character development and achievement system testing has also started. These achievements will not only add some cool looking icons to your Steam account but will also slightly affect the gameplay itself (and not always in a benefiting way).


Generally we feel quite good about the current state of InSomnia and will be able to finish the biggest chunk of development by the end of September. We will continue to tune the balance and improve each and every aspect of the game until it's humanly possible. So it's safe to say we will be ready to name release dates for different versions of the game (closed beta, Steam EA, final release) in September.


We do realize the game release has been postponed far more than anyone could expect but we are moving forward to this goal each day. We are very happy to have you as our backers and will do everything possible to satisfy you with the final game.

More news to be revealed next month, stay tuned!

PS. check out this recent cool OST[] from our sound producer.

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