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June 27, 2016 - t2003Lynn

Things have been a bit quiet here on the Steam page. If you haven't been following us on Twitter, Facebook, Indiedb, or our weekly blog[] you might have missed that Alpha playtests are right around the corner. And we want you to play it!
The process looks like this:

  • Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter:
  • Subscribers will be sent a survey to determine the best play times
  • Once a schedule is created, all survey participants will be notified

And that's it! We're creating scheduled times so everyone can play in a group. The game is best when played with other people. While single player games will eventually be a thing, it is currently not implemented. So if you haven't yet, please sign up and we hope to play with you soon!

So what's been happening?

We're glad you asked! Since the last update we put up on Steam, a lot of improvements and updates have been added to Abatron. here's a quick overview:

Neutral critters called "Sting" have been implemented. These guys can be killed for experience, aggroed into an enemy base, and eventually will spawn a Queen that can be subdued and taken over.

The command ship "Locus" has been reworked and updated. This is the ship that will be creating your buildings, and eventually can be upgraded to become a super weapon.

Announcer system is up and working. If your base is getting attacked, and you're off in FPS mode fighting off critters, you will now be notified via an announcer and visual cues.

Hero mode! As soon as you jump into a unit, you become bigger, stronger, and more resilient. As you level up, you can unlock abilities that help take on the hordes of enemies that you face.

That's just a few of the changes that's been happening. If you want to catch up and read more in depth about the development of Abatron, check out our Weekly Blog[] and IndieDB page.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to sign up to be a playtester! SUBSCRIBE[]

November 14, 2015 - t2003Lynn

The Journey Continues...
Since porting to Unreal Engine 4, quite a bit has not only improved because of the engine, but because our team has simply grown in skill since you've last seen us. While the time it has taken to port everything over has been tedious, we are overall happy with how much the game has improved as a whole. Here are some samples of our updated units, plus a beautiful shot of our environment for the planet Nekros:
(more screenshots on our Website [])

Now that we've got updated units and a sweet playable map, we can finally begin doing playtests. With up to 8 different people playing at a time, things have gotten really interesting. Especially since we have different team members with different playstyle preferences. Some like to focus solely on RTS, or vice versa FPS. Others switch between the two freely. Not knowing exactly what might be coming your way certainly helps keep you on your toes, no matter which mode you're in. Here's a few shots we've managed to grab during the recent sessions:

Stay Tuned!
If you've enjoyed this update and want to know more about Abatron, or simply want a more steady stream of news, then you're in luck! We have several different ways that you can keep up to date with everything Abatron. Here are our top picks!

Website ( with weekly updated blog) []



Monthly Newsletter []

Thanks so much for reading and we will do another update soon!

July 1, 2014 - Devero

A big thanks to the community for all of the support and feedback.

Over the past few weeks, we have been incorporating "Next-Gen" graphics to our developer models and game pipeline. Its an exciting time for new tools as they are very accessible for Indies. We are very excited to show you the transformation thus far.

As we listened closely, the community stated the color palette was too hard to notice the Bonecrusher. As you can can see the old version below, it was infact very difficult to distinguish from the environment.

Going forward, all of the models will have this "Next-Gen PBR" update as we replace out the developer models. This will also include the environment in an upcoming update. We will continue to listen to feedback from the community! :) More to come!

The Abatron Team

June 9, 2014 - Devero

We've been listening to the community and wanted to give a little update to whats going on here in the studio. From the video footage being dark, poor model visibility to the map, and the overall coloring details of the units, we are hard at work addressing these issues.

We are changing out the big brown dude (Bonecrusher) with a more visible version

We will continue to go back and apply new texturing schemes to increase visibility across all the units.

Another ongoing change is upgrading the details for our FPS viewmodels. Here is one example (work in progress) of the change:

Finally, all the new video footage going forward will look much more vibrant and accurately show what the game looks like. We appreciate all of the support and feedback that we have been getting and will continue to listen closely :)

~Abatron Dev team

June 7, 2014 - Devero

We plan on releasing the map editing tools to the game for the modding community. Using the Source Hammer Editor, we have added all kinds of fun new options to the existing set of available components. In fact, we are committed to go one step further and release all game assets to be used in custom content creation.

Modding has always been special and dear to us here at Abatron. We've enjoyed making custom maps for our past favorite games :). So to

, we will make it super easy to MOD our game. We hope to see more people get into the Art of Modding and I personally can't wait to see what custom maps and campaigns are made for Abatron.

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