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Progress Update
June 16, 2014 - AnsetteLLC

Fit and finish is the focus now. All the little things are now getting attention, and the list includes such things as:

  • Added a level select interface that shows player progress on each level graphically
  • Pacing improved: clearing all but black cubes triggers puzzle complete, incomplete display right away rather than waiting for the black cubes to roll off the state
  • Heads Up Display: Graphically improved
  • Timer added to HUD
  • Sound effect levels adjusted
  • Each level starts with a voice announcing it and text
  • Facebook login is now presented rather than forced, with a screen explaining why logging in with Facebook is cool

Development of Ternin has taken many months, and it is on schedule for a mid-July release. It would be a happy day here if Ternin was Greenlit and available to the game players on Steam! If you have a puzzle loving friend, please share the Ternin Greenlight page with them!