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Medieval Story
Entry #1
May 29 - O-san

Thanks for the up-votes and comments!

I have been working day and night on this project for the last couple of months (or years if you count the level editor) but I know there is still much to do. Here are some of the ideas I got for the game:

  • Bow and axe weapons.
  • More varied shields and armors.
  • More types of enemies.
  • Random encounters both when traveling between maps and when in hostile areas.

I read the comments regularly, feel free to put forth suggestions that you think will benefit the game.

Thanks for reading!

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O-san Jun 2 @ 2:11pm 
Strategy Player Thanks! I have now written a more in-depth description of the game.
Strategy Player May 31 @ 1:39pm 
Maybe add some more ideas for us.
Open world Sand Box or linear story play?
Multiple characters or a single one?
Party based or single player??
Multiplayer?? How is that going to work??
Towns?? Buying equipment?? Crafting?? Horses for travel???

What I see here and what I am reading is you have 1 guy who fights another guy and maybe you get to use a few weapons???