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Social Justice Warriors
February 25, 2015 - Nonadecimal

As you may have noticed by now, Social Justice Warriors has been greenlit by the community (and released on Steam!)! After 10 months of ups and downs, thousands of comments that resembled the game itself, two major content updates, and raising $200 for charity[], the game is finally coming to Steam!

Social Justice Warriors had a great showing at PAX South a few weeks ago. Not only was it greenlit that weekend, but it received some high praise from IGN in their PAX feature "Why We Need Games Like Social Justice Warriors." I had the wonderful opportunity to show the game to thousands of people and hear why the game was important to them. It was incredibly rewarding to see the game actually making a difference. You can read more about the PAX South booth for SJW here.[]

But you're probably more interested in the upcoming Steam release. The good news is that it's launching February 27th! That's like... this Friday.That means you can add it to your wishlist today and get immediate notification when it releases. Check out the store page! And don't forget to tell your friends!

December 16, 2014 - Nonadecimal

Last April, I made the Social Justice Warriors[] to express my frustration with how people were using dismissive labels in an attempt to discredit and silence each other. The core message of the game was that no matter what social values you have, attacking and ridiculing other people not only fails to achieve progress but has an additional effect of escalating the conflict while wearing you down in the process.

The videogame community is no stranger to depression. The back-and-forth online harassment and public shaming only exacerbate these problems, ruining lives and driving people away. While the game’s message resonated with some people and convinced them to change their behavior, I feel like it hasn’t done enough.

For that reason, all the money Nonadecimal Creative receives from Social Justice Warriors sales for the month of December will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention[] to help fund research into causes and treatments. The AFSP was chosen for their financial transparency and because they not only engage in advocacy and support measures that help people in the short-term but also fund research that could potentially alleviate these problems on a larger scale in the long-term.

You can purchase Social Justice Warriors for $3 (or more) on itch[], Indie Game Stand[], or Humble.[] Or you can donate directly to the AFSP here.[]

In January, Nonadecimal will donate an amount equal to the funds due from, IndieGameStand, Desura, and Humble for sales of the Social Justice Warriors game from December 1st through December 31st.

UPDATE: Thanks to your generous purchases, Nonadecimal donated $200 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Read more here.[]

December 2, 2014 - Nonadecimal

Social Justice Warriors has been enhanced with the "Warriors Are Everywhere" Update! This update follows the "Spicy, Juicy" v1 Update[] which doubled the dialog and added dozens of sound effects and UI improvements.

Thanks to feedback from players, reviewers[], and Indiecade judges[] (plus rising to the #20 spot on Steam Greenlight), I couldn't resist releasing another update full of new content. The "Warriors Are Everywhere" v2 Update adds 5 new warrior types to serve as allies against 3 new troll bosses.

The Social Justice Bard entertains with tales of your past heroes' victories to soothe your mind and boost your ego.

The Social Justice Sorcerer rewards martial prowess with gifts of arcane knowledge and enchanted weapons.

The Social Justice Rangers support by striking from afar, piling on when trolls are most vulnerable.

The Social Justice Necromancer encourages the chaos, resurrecting its most destructive allies along with armies of skeletons in its quest to become a Social Justice Lich.

The Social Justice Druid is an outsider who mysteriously appears to ask riddles about society and your place in it, with your answers reshaping reality in the process.

You'll need their support to take on three new trolls with the Monstrous Troll trampling your dignity, the Troll Warlord marshalling an army of supporters, and the Troll Assassin dismantling your online identity piece by piece.

If you navigate these treacherous times strategically and use your new allies to your advantage, you may attain the power of the Social Justice Champion, who has grown beyond the petty squabbling and takes no joy in tearing down other human beings. The Champion relies on mediation and reconciliation to clear the gauntlet of hostile foes, listening to their concerns and proposing mutually beneficial compromise. It's not easy and the utility of compromise is just as uncertain as attacking and destroying opponents, but a Champion values its beliefs more than temporary gratification.

Unfortunately, reality is not as easy to navigate as this game, especially given that real-life people can be far more caustic and hurtful than the game's trolls. To offset the negativity, all proceeds Nonadecimal Creative receives from Social Justice Warriors sales will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention[] for the remainder of 2014. You can find more information in the accompanying post[].

You can purchase the enhanced edition of Social Justice Warriors on itch[] or Indie Game Stand[] for $3 and help fund depression research.

  • added 5 support classes, each with new animations and strategic quests to gain their bonuses:
  • the Social Justice Bard entertains with tales of your past heroes' victories to soothe your
    mind and boost your ego
  • the Social Justice Rangers support by striking from afar, piling on when trolls are most
  • the Social Justice Sorcerer rewards martial prowess with gifts of arcane knowledge and
    enchanted weapons
  • the Social Justice Necromancer encourages the chaos, resurrecting its most destructive allies
    along with armies of skeletons
  • the Social Justice Druid interrupts the fight with riddles that reshape reality
  • added new reconciliation mechanics for the unlockable Social Justice Champion class that
    invert standard gameplay
  • added 3 trolls with new special attacks: Monstrous Troll, Troll Warlord, and Troll Assassin
  • added descriptions to all the player's attacks (thanks Indiecade judges!)
  • added damage and healing totals to sanity and reputation meters which remain on screen until
    user input (thanks @mistertodd!)
  • added gamepad support (thanks SkEyE!)
  • added Social Justice Champion scores to the Hall of Champions
  • added new sound effects
  • added new troll attacks
  • the "Summon Dark Forces" heavy troll attack now deals damage as a percentage to prevent
  • "Summon Dark Forces" will no longer be used within the first few turns of a new troll
  • blocking "Summon Dark Forces" as Social Justice Paladin will now prevent sanity damage
  • rebalanced difficulty curve
  • added further prevention against repeat attacks each round
  • fixed volume bugs
  • fixed bug that permanently increased base damage of troll attacks
  • fixed 1 pixel alignment error on health bars (so annoying!)

October 3, 2014 - Nonadecimal

Thanks to the massive support from the community, Social Justice Warriors is within the Top 50 games on Steam Greenlight!

To prepare the game for a Steam release, I'm constructing another steam-worthy update. The first Spicy, Juicy Update[] that deployed in August added sword-dueling, spell-slinging, crossbow-twanging sound effects for every attack, doubled the trolls' repertoire of fallacies, and slayed a few bugs. Now I'm incorporating feedback from players, Youtube videos, and reviews into an even bigger update.

By far the most requested change has been to add descriptions of each attack's effects to the battle screen. Done. More informative damage indicators? You've got it. A few new support classes like the enthusiastic Social Justice Bard and the mysterious Social Justice Druid will make an appearance as well, along with new unlockable attacks, achievements, trading cards, and hopefully a Social Justice Warrior badge for your Steam profile. Plus, in response to the increase in combative fervor spreading through the community, more powerful trolls will wander onto the battlefield.

It's been surreal to watch the game I created as an expression of personal frustration at the entrenched and divisive behaviors within the game-playing community last April become increasingly relevant as people became even more polarized. It's been especially upsetting to see the most extreme attacks used by the game's trolls begin occurring in reality. I appreciate everyone who has played and supported the game and hope that it has given you some reflection on what you do and say to others online, no matter what side they're on.

And to the large number of commenters requesting the ability to play the game as a troll, consider this: everybody is a troll to somebody.

Do you have suggestions for new Social Justice support classes and their accompanying social media platforms? How about ways to improve gameplay in the next update? Leave a comment with your constructive advice below.

July 13, 2014 - Nonadecimal

Since releasing the game, I was surprised by how people immediately gravitated to extreme assumptions that it was a pro-SJW game or anti-SJW game, especially given the contradiction between those two beliefs.

Whether it was a good game or a bad game seemed to come down to whether people felt that the game was mocking the same people that they mock. Instead the game looks at the negative aspects of human interaction online: using labels to reduce people to simple stereotypes, resorting to name-calling and defamation to discredit those who disagree with you. These behaviors aren't exclusive to any one group.

If you want to read more, check out my post on Releasing a Social Justice Warriors Game[].

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