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Witches gonna witch
May 28, 2014 - peter.hrdy

Hi folks.

I want to let you know, that we changed witches behaviour.
The reason was that in previous concept, witches were just strong defenders with no other power and magical abilities. Which was a kind of stupid. They are witches.

So, what I've made was very simple thing and it will have pretty serious impact on your deck and also on gameplay.

Witches are extremely useful in co-op mode.

Each one of 4 witches has their magical ability.
Air witch - constant defence magic
Earth witch - stamina autofill magic
Fire witch - assault magic
Water witch - healing magic

Yes you right, it is very similar to the heroes classes. Witches magical abilities are not that strong as heroes, but you can mix their presence on your deck.
If you are playing cooperation mode, you can change hero to which this magic will be applied. The only condition is that this hero has to be hero of one of the players in your team.

We tested that quite a lot and even 2vs2 played by 2 players is very funny. Imagine one deck full of witches and one deck with Assault hero.
It's magical.