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Game overview - Heroes & Cards
May 20, 2014 - peter.hrdy

Many of you are asking us about the rules, cards and heroes.
Many of you are saying that WolfWars is probably just another Hearthstone or Magic the gathering clone.

So let me explain a bit more about the cards and heroes and bring light into these “Cloning Hearthstone“ etc. comments.

WolfWars game is not about trading or collecting cards. Each player has the same amount of cards from the beginning to the end. There is no f2p/pay2win model, you all have same chances at the start.

Before you start the game, you will need to create your deck. Deck needs to have 1 hero and 5 playing cards. You can have as many decks as you wish to have. These 5 cards are all what you have during one game. You do not sacrifice any of them. All cards are on your hand without “spending” them and throwing any of them out of deck to graveyard. 

For now, there are 4 races of cards. Each race has 4 cards with element variation.
For example:
Warriors – 1x air warrior, 1x earth warrior, 1x fire warrior, 1x water warrior
Dragons – 1x air dragon, 1x earth dragon, 1x fire dragon, 1x water dragon
Got it? Other 2 races are Wolfs and Witches.

Each race has their specific behaviour, but all of them have general preferences like Attack Power, Defence, Cooldown, Stamina cost. But not all of them have it from start.

Dragons – strongest cards in attack with no defence. Expensive for stamina and each of cards need to take a nap after turn (cooldown).
Wolves – semi strong cards in attack with no defence. No cooldown.
Warriors – same value for attack and defence, a bit weaker than Wolves in attack, but much cheaper for stamina with no cooldown.
Witches – strong in defence with minimum attack, very cheap for stamina use and with cooldown needs.

So these are races and cards we do currently have in our pre-alpha version.

There are 4 heroes. Wolves. Each of them has different nature, something like classes in Call of Duty or Battlefield

Erghar – airwolf – recon: It is hard to hit him, and it is not possible to hit him with 100% attack
Therius – earthwolf – support: His stamina is never drained because is automatic refilled
Rothal – firewolf – assault: He is king of the hill – for me:). More cards of same race on hand give them more power in attack and defence. Leader of the pack:)
Arkwahl – watterwolf – medic: With automatic healing it takes a bit more time to kill this beast.

Q: Is it clear?
A: No, what is stamina?
A: Ok, stamina is something with what you pay for cards.
Q: Is it like mana, huh?
A: No no my dear. If you do not have mana in HS, or MtG, you are not able to turn with the card. Stamina in WolfWars is different. If you do not have enough stamina, then there is only 30% chance that your card will do the job on 100%.
Q: Got it?
A: …………

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peter.hrdy May 27, 2014 @ 5:12am 
Thank you.
jcaracc2003 May 27, 2014 @ 5:08am 
I really like the mechanics you've explained. There is a similarity to the great card game Thunderstone and that is a huge compliment!!