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Space Life Defender
July 20 - gabriel.dg

Hi all!

Well there are lot of things going on that i would like to comment.

1) I return to the Unity engine because Unreal engine is much more time consuming and having few hours per day to develop the game is not profitable in terms of delivering the game asap. I am pretty exited to see the new unity 5 as it have better integrated shadders and lightings. Anyway the game still looks awesome can`t wait to deliver a new video (The idea is to release a new trailer at the end of the month)

2) The gameplay elements will be the same (tower defense, rpg and arcade) but the big change is in the storyline as i am changing the game structure "this mean multiplayer will be on the game later on" the storyline will be one of the lastest thing to be introduce in the gameplay as a secondary point in the game

3) I am uploading new images today...enjoy!

4) expect more news next week!

June 22 - gabriel.dg

Still getting familiar with unreal engine 4 and also starting to work with 3dmax and photoshop in order to bring the special effects in the game. There is already a simple IA made for the enemy ships so as soon as i get fix some adjustment in the player ship turrets i will upload a new video with small fighters battle!

Also there are plans to bring multiplayer in the game..but that will be discuss later :)


June 8 - gabriel.dg

Hey all!

There is a new video showing the beauty of unreal engine 4, still a lot to learn from this engine but everyday is a small step to migrate the gameplay to the engine.

Hope i will have a new video soon showing more of the gameplay and graphics.

I know i promise a demo but migrating all the game to the new engine is just lots of works but this is the best decision..spacebattles will be a delight !!

Space Life Defender

May 25 - gabriel.dg

Hi all!

As you know the game will be develop in a 3d environment that[s why we decided to change the game engine so we can bring really AAA 3d graphics. Welcome Unreal Engine 4 ! I past these last days seeing lots of tutorial videos on how to make things in this engine. This is going to be quite a lot of work but hope to have things migrated during the next month. One last thing...Unreal Engine 4 is F**** Beautiful!

May 18 - gabriel.dg

Let`s start.

We decided to change the gameplay concept....YES 3D!!! Please check the brief new video :)

Tower defense system, powers, skills and everything we were working on ...will be part of the game. We will work hard to change the implementation but the game idea is still the same. Tower Defense + RPG + Awesome space shooter!.

Expect a new revealing trailer soon!

Thanks for the support!

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