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Space Life Defender
August 24, 2014 - Gabydg

Hi All!

This is our weekend update:

1) Music: is being done by Rune Bjerkaas you can check his work in the link below. He is a great person and you will find fresh air when you listen his amaizing composition in the game!

2) Damage gui added: it looks very cool and knowing when the ships are going to explote is like gratifying. (Image added) :)

3) We are testing some camera fixes in order to have smooth ship movement

4) lot of work in the enemy IA.

We hope to have a Pre Release as soon as possible without compromising the game experience we want to bring into the table!.

Have a nice week!
Black Gem Interactive

August 3, 2014 - Gabydg

Hi All!

This was a very nice weekend with So many votes and comments...Really thanks all!.

Let make a summary:

1) We start working with a graphic designer and a music composer ( next week i will present them!)

2) We are almost finishing the first scenario and we plan to enter in desura so we can bring an alpha version for all of you who want to play the game and support us!. The idea is to enter during the next 2 weeks. More info to come!

3) For the next week we plan to keep working in the GUI and add some sounds (space feels mute..and we have lots of explosions to change that)

Again..thanks for all the support we are step by step reaching our goal!.

July 27, 2014 - Gabydg

Hi All!

These are the weekly updates.

*New video
*Lots and lots of game IA (from new turret tracking system to ship movements,etc,et)
*Starting to work with the gui
*New beam laser turret
*New visuals

Hope you have a good start of the week!

July 20, 2014 - Gabydg

Hi all!

Well there are lot of things going on that i would like to comment.

1) I return to the Unity engine because Unreal engine is much more time consuming and having few hours per day to develop the game is not profitable in terms of delivering the game asap. I am pretty exited to see the new unity 5 as it have better integrated shadders and lightings. Anyway the game still looks awesome can`t wait to deliver a new video (The idea is to release a new trailer at the end of the month)

2) The gameplay elements will be the same (tower defense, rpg and arcade) but the big change is in the storyline as i am changing the game structure "this mean multiplayer will be on the game later on" the storyline will be one of the lastest thing to be introduce in the gameplay as a secondary point in the game

3) I am uploading new images today...enjoy!

4) expect more news next week!

June 22, 2014 - Gabydg

Still getting familiar with unreal engine 4 and also starting to work with 3dmax and photoshop in order to bring the special effects in the game. There is already a simple IA made for the enemy ships so as soon as i get fix some adjustment in the player ship turrets i will upload a new video with small fighters battle!

Also there are plans to bring multiplayer in the game..but that will be discuss later :)


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