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Blackbay Asylum
July 14 - Tomas.Flodin

The long wait is over!
In a few weeks Blackbay Asylum will become available here on Steam (among other sites).
Kiss Ltd is entering the project as publisher, which means BBA will not be launched through this greenlight page.
So keep your eyes open!

May 24 - Tomas.Flodin

It's a well know fact that there's a lot of "Naysayers" out there,
and for the moment they outnumber the "Yaysayers" in the voting polls!

This is of course unacceptable so I call upon you, the future inmates, for help!
Tell your friends, spread the word, build a fifteen feet tall stone monument in your town square...
Every little bit helps to make this madness a reality!
Thank you!

Dr. B. Hansen
Chief of Medicine - Blackbay Asylum

May 11 - Tomas.Flodin

Kouen & Lasharus was recently committed to the mental ward and here's their view on this fine establishment.
WARNING: Spoiler alert!

May 6 - Tomas.Flodin

There have been quite a few complaints about the trailer.
"To long intro with bad animation"
So I fired my lead designer (myself) and re-hired myself again to make this updated version.
This one is even more confusing than the last!

May 4 - Tomas.Flodin

Even though Blackbay Asylum has yet to open its gates, "TheRPGMinx" (due to a complete lack of sanity) was committed to the mental ward earlier this week.
Here is her view on this fine establishment:

May contain some spoilers.

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