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Beasts of Prey
May 21, 2014 -

... but we are still here! In the last days we have been preparing the game for early access and we are working closely with the Steam Team to integrate the features Steam offers to our game. There have been more than 20 patches in the last 2 weeks and we are now preparing everything to release the game in the first 2 weeks of June 2014.

The game looks much better now, runs faster and got a lot of new content added. However we are still working on bugfixes and little annoyances. To find these we are playing with a small group internally now and based on their feedback we are fixing code and changing mechanics.

In addition we just ordered a bunch of servers and preparing these now to host the game-world. We will keep you updated about the progress and you will hopefully soon find this game in the steam store...

May 10, 2014 -

Hello everyone,
we have been silent about game features and development since we released our trailer. However, development has been pretty intense since we saw how you guys like the idea/concept behind our game. We were watching your comments and posts closely and have made quite a few adjustments to the game-world/game-play already. So here is what we've done since we released the trailer :

- All dinosaur models have received new animations.
- Added 8 new dinosaurs to the game. (T-Rex, Compsognathus, Parasaurus, Diplodocus, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceraptor, Quatzalcoatlus)
- Added new resources to the game (Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Magnesium Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Platinium Ore, Beryllium Ore)
- Added new structures (Bed, RADAR Tower, Floodlights), there are more structures before release!
- Replaced all inventory icons with new graphics.
- Added more foliage to the game-world.
- Added water-system to the game-world.
- Optimized game-world & improved FPS a lot (Game runs with 80-100 FPS on a 8 GB RAM/i7 920/GeForce 560)
- Improved Terrain Generation Code (faster generation, less waiting at start - about 9 seconds now.)
- Gathering System has been removed and replaced with a much cooler system (rebuild from scratch, you need to see it in the next video! You will love it. No more stones falling down infront of you, instead you can cut pieces out of stones, they break and can be picked up)
- Crafting System has been adjusted to use the new resources
- Main character received new animations and more detailed graphics.

So we've been very busy and we aiming for the first alpha-playtest about 2-3 weeks after our game got greentlit. Now we are in the process of preparing a final release client while some of us keep working on game-play adjustments/balancing (e.g right now you can build a house with 1 piece of wood, we are working on the item requirements now and actually play the game just like you would do so we can deliver you a balanced game, of course we will need your feedback later but those changes can be applied quickly)

The more important issue here is that the first alpha-test weekend should run smoothly, we are trying to have only one of those weekends, use the week after for fine-tuning the network code/bugfixes and then release the game with a permanent players-ready world awaiting your arrival. So far everything appears to be working just fine but we reaching the point where we really need you playing the game and give us feedback to further improve the game. So please, keep voting for us!

Thanks so much for your support,
The Octagon Interactive DEV Team

April 27, 2014 -

Hello everyone,
first off we would like to thank everyone for the great feedback and support. We have read all your comments and questions and you are covering quite a few aspects of our game which we figured we should have pointed out a bit more. If you haven't voted for us yet and you like our idea/game please support us!

Community Question: How does this differ from the Stomping Land ?

We believe the biggest difference between Beasts Of Prey and Stomping Land is the focus of the game-play and the setting. Stomping Land seems to be all about the dinosaurs and the experience to survive in that setting in some sort of realistic way. Our focus is freedom of choice, the fighting over land & resources and how your actions affect others. Our mechanics/developments are all aimed at giving you choices that affect the world as a whole. The game-world is free of any fixed setting - in the end we are mixing up dinosaurs with modern weapons, structures & cars. We had a very nice backstory for this but we dropped it as we do not like to limit the game-mechanics in any way.

Community Question: Why are there only 4 Dinosaurs in the game ?

Everything you have seen in our trailer is actually ready/working - when we created this trailer we did not like to show you things that are not done/ready for release yet - so for example turrets, additional cars/structures, deep mining, a RADAR/Mini-map System and another 6 models of dinosaurs which are currently still in development are not shown - we do not know yet which these features will make it into the first release. But before release we will show you another trailer with new features that actually made it into the Build including updated game-play. As gamers we always were disappointed when we saw trailers and the shown features were not there in the release - so in an internal discussion this came up as our company policy that we only show players the things that are actually done/ready for play.

However, we are reading your comments and some of the shown dinosaurs are already receiving updated textures/animations. (Teeth of the Allosaurus for example)

Community Question: What is this game all about ? Is it like RUST/DayZ ?

When we came up with the idea of this game it was very simple - "Let's give players an empty world and let them do whatever they want". You can see that for example in the Gathering mechanic: items drop to the ground so others can help you, kill you, or steal what you are trying to gather - and whatever their choice is it will likely lead to some sort of player-interaction. Or you could chop some wood and use it to lure other players into a trap - it's totally up to you. When building towns & outposts some players will invite everyone to their homes and start trading, others will be more hostile. We think a game should be like that and that's where it is similar to those titles mentioned above - each experience is authentic, non-scripted and unique.

The difference is that the focus is more on combat/fight for land and dying is a bit less harsh since you can store your items into private/clan-only lockers. So when you die you still loose "all your stuff" but only what you are carrying and if hostiles destroy your locker with the global inventory you only loose access to it - so you only need to rebuild it to access it. We believe this makes combat more fun and blowing up your houses/belongings doesn't ruin all your progress. Then of course there are features like procedual terrain, game-world growing with population which should balance the world in a much better way.

We hope we could give you some insights what we are developing here and we hope you guys like the ideas. Please give us some feedback/post your questions or ideas on the discussion forums and we will answer your questions again during the next week/post more screen-shots.

Again, thank you very very much for your support and votes,
The Octagon Interactive DEV Team

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