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July 26 - SOLST1CE

Just a quick post about who's crafting BLEAK these days and what their responsibilities consist of!

Justin Novelline: Justin is responsible for writing the dialogue, story and lore of the game. He has a BFA in design from Art Institute of Boston and an associeates degree from Middlesex Community College. He is the lead singer of the alternative rock band "Or Nothing" and collaborates with his younger brother Josh on the in-game soundtrack. Lately he has also contributed heavily to in-engine art assets/signage and is almost entirely responsible for the game's level designs.

Joshua Novelline: Joshua is responsible for all of the code in the game. He also writes and records the majority of BLEAK's music and is constantly refining the gameplay mechanics to provide as challenging and fun an experience as possible. He has attended UMass Boston, Suffolk and is at present finishing his associates degree at Middlesex Community College.

Kris Phero: Kris is the senior illustrator on the project. He also graduated from Art Institute of Boston (one year later than Justin) though the two never met. Justin saw his work on facebook and asked if he'd like to join him in making BLEAK. The rest is history! You can see Kris' work most prominantly in the game's comic-book style cutscenes and promotional art.

Ryan Jude Novelline: Ryan earned his BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design. He has been an essential part in honing the visual style and color theory of the game. His work can be seen prominantly in the interior and exterior building art-work of the opening city of Hillhawk.

Hello All!

First The Good:

We just released a large updated version (v1.1) of the game that fixes a bunch of bugs, and adds many things including...

A NEW SIDESCROLLER LEVEL (The new level immediately follows the cliff descent. BE WARNED! This is where the platforming starts to get “real”. Having said that, GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!).

Also included in the new patch is a slew of other fixes, tweaks and improvements! A full list will be included at the bottom of this e-mail as well as posted on our Steam Greenlight!


Now The Unfortunate:

The patching system is having troubles. Right now it ONLY works for Mac users running OS 10.8+.
IMPORTANT: Everyone else (not using a Mac with OS 10.8+) has to re-download the game from our site and delete their existing copy. This includes anyone running BLEAK on a PC (any version), or anyone running BLEAK on a Mac with an OS below 10.8.
This is really frustrating for us, too. We've been working with the Penkura guys (the patching company) to troubleshoot this, and they're working hard on it.
Going forward we're going to release fewer and larger patches rather than small and frequent ones. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you all for hanging in there.

Now back to the fun! If you could all please play through the updated demo/new level and fill out our feedback form, we would really appreciate it!

With love,
Tenwall Creatives


NEW: Link to our Steam Greenlight page
NEW: Jumper NPC is in
NEW: Pictures to examine in Bleak's House
NEW: Sewer background accent tiles
NEW: Song change when Clamp escapes
NEW: Or Nothing splash screen
NEW: Sound Settings added to the pause menu
NEW: An overwrite warning when starting a new game again
NEW: Footstep sounds
NEW: Clamp House Art
NEW: Level 1-1

FIXED: Bleak can trigger the ending of cliff descent collider from falling into it
FIXED: Elevator in Bleak's house doesn't access the top floor/colliders are visible
FIXED: Bleak jumps in front of resistance logo in his house
FIXED: Elevator doors are smaller than the frame
FIXED: Resistance HQ needs elevators, not ropes
FIXED: Church spawn is too high
FIXED: Sewer return spawn is too high
FIXED: Bleak's house foreground is too high
FIXED: The opening aperture sounds plays at the beginning of Baron's Cutscene
FIXED: Opening Cutscene Dialogue corrected
FIXED: Baron Cutscene Dialogue corrected
FIXED: City Dialogue corrected
FIXED: Glitch's Bottom UI isn't functional
FIXED: Line on top of Panel 1 in cutscene 1 and 2
FIXED: When going to Main Menu at the end of the game, and continuing, Bleak disappears
FIXED: Sourcers in the church don't animate
FIXED: Occasional collider issues on pickups in fastest/fast settings
FIXED: No Audio Level controller
FIXED: No way to escape New Game selection
FIXED: Nothing happens when you try to pick up the fan without the photo
FIXED: Bleak's animation on the ropes twitches
FIXED: Preacher doesn't indicate you need to talk to him in the church
FIXED: Doors have placeholder art
FIXED: Saves don't work past the church save
FIXED: When you press jump at the exact same moment as "w" to enter a door, Bleak rises up.

BUGS: When running by a character, you can trigger the conversation outside of the collider
BUGS: Crumbling platforms do weird things when jumping on them during returning animation
BUGS: Slam Jump is unreliable in it's speed and can sometimes kill him when mashed
BUGS: Bleak can stand on top of ropes
BUGS: Slam jump doesn't register on faster settings
BUGS: City elevators don't focus on the elevator instead of BLEAK
BUGS: BLEAK had stray lines around his body
BUGS: Sewer door isn't a door...
BUGS: Sewers has no indicator to go down
BUGS: When Bleak goes to the top of a rope, he bobbles
BUGS: When Bleak goes down to a platform on a rope, he has to jump off
BUGS: When walking and jumping on ropes, the footsteps sounds continue
BUGS: Can move on ladders when paused

Hey there,

So we got the Early BETA demo out to all of our lovely BETA testers! And they've been amazing in the back and forth for improving the product!

Thank you to everyone who has been keeping an eye on "BLEAK" and our updates. We posted a NEW SCREENSHOT that illustrates BLEAK inside our opening city, talking to an NPC!

We're working insanely hard on perfecting an ideal balance of lore/story/quests/exploration and challenging platforming! This has been our focus since day one on this project!

To all who are involved in the BETA,
the patching system we are using is through Unity and it is called Crafty. It will allow us to remotely patch Mac, PC, and Linux through a server. Currently, they are fixing the ability to patch it on Mac's, so PC user's got a quick patch that fixes a couple of gamebreakers. The second that update to Crafty is in our hands, all BETA testers will have it! We will be posting our update log on here, and

With love,
Tenwall Creatives

As of tonight, the BETA demo is live!

That means we can start refining the game and preparing (with the help of our BETA testers) the public demo!

This is a huge step in the development process and we're very excited to kick things into high gear!

If you're interested in joining the BETA, email us at

With love,
Tenwall Creatives

"Finished Character Art, dancing?"

Hey all!

The demo is shaping up quite nicely, at this point in development, we're trying to make the best game we can, in the timeliest fashion we can. This is, like everything else, a massive juggling act of features that are working, some that aren't, and many other prioritizing struggles. This week has been mainly focused on finishing animations! The art has been funneling in from the artists, and we've been hard at work on bringing the world alive!

For those of you that have ever sat down to animate anything with a "Pose" option, it's quite easy to get distracted and start flailing your animation around by their bones. That pose is the end of a long day, with the final art for the placeholder we posted in the last announcement.

Still pushing for late June!

With love,
Tenwall Creatives

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