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Falling Stars: War of Empires
A list of some Frequently Asked Questions
April 18, 2014 - arkisvir

Hey everyone, so far our response has been very positive, which is great for our first wide-spread release of the game! But we've heard your comments and questions, and wanted to address some of them.

Q: How much will the game cost?
A: We will release the game for $10, and if you get the early-bird on our Kickstarter Campaign [] then you can get some starter add-ons as well!

Q: This looks familiar...
A: If you're an avid boardgame player, you've probably played Twilight Imperium or Eclipse. If you missed it in our description of the game, we were inspired to make an multiplayer video game that has a similar rule-set to those games. All of the content and rules were created from scratch for Arkis Vir, so it will not play the same as those games, but I would definitely regard it as being in the same genre.

Q: How long does each game take to finish?
A: We wanted to create an experience that allows players to finish a match in ~1 hour. This means fast-paced strategic action, without the long breaks that usually accompany turn-based strategy games.

Q: What are the add-ons, and do I have to buy them?
A: No! The add-ons can be purchased, but they are available to everyone simply by playing the game. We also limit the amount of add-ons you can take into the game so that players gain an advantage in "options" instead of "power".

That's it for now, I'll keep updating this as we move along!