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Ultima Online
Information on Ultima Online
16 de Abril de 2014 - BroadswordGames

Do I have to buy this game?

No, there is no cost to download the client. There is however a monthly subscription cost.

Is there a Free Trial Period?

Yes! New accounts will receive a free 14 day trial period to experience all of the content in Ultima Online. No credit card information is required to download the client and get your 14 free days!

What happens when my trial period is over?

Your characters and progress will not disappear! Hopefully by the end of the two week trial period you will be thrilled with the one-of-a-kind gameplay experience that is Ultima Online and join us as a subscriber. If the time just isn't right - save that account information and come back when you're ready! Your character(s) will be waiting!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and we'll do our utmost to respond!

The Ultima Online Team
Broadsword Online Games

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zzz CJ WaZzy 12 Jun às 22:18 
Make it again? I don't think the commenters realize that UO has been going strong for 17 years. (longer than any other MMORPG). They're just adding their client to Steam. They're probably not going to change their subscription policy because a few commenters on Steam want to play for free.

If you want to play for free, use the client to play on one of the reverse engineered servers like UO forever.

P.S. GW2 is not F2P
SoGaPit 27 Mar às 18:39 
The only way for UO to make it again, is switch to the F2P model like GW2...
-=CK=- 15 Mar às 17:25 
13 dollars a month is nothing for the amount of play you can get out of it. I dont see a f2p model working for this. I wouldnt be against it, Ive seen f2p models bring back games from nearly dying. I have SotA and honestly, its not very good at the moment. Its not really an mmo like UO. Its not open like UO. I still have high hopes for it, but as of right now, I just dont like it. As for making it like Dota and other games, its not the same type of game. I dont see an item shop working for this one..
ilcontegis [Linux] 2 Mar às 13:29 
Not willing anymore to monthly pay for this game.
With SotA coming soon and tons of free shards, b2p or ftp is the way to go..
pandorex 28 Dez, 2014 às 2:11 
Make game for free,with market shop,like dota 2,and u will be winnerz
DweebotheGeek 22 Dez, 2014 às 18:10 
make game free with cosmetic market store and i will buy 1000 dollars worth of elite clothing..... no subscription will be paid though sorry....
IamSoftKitty 19 Dez, 2014 às 13:03 
PORT: 2593

Rambuya 18 Dez, 2014 às 8:24 
Make the game free . like DOTA 2 or Warframe
berloom 13 Dez, 2014 às 12:07 
Make game for free! with market shop. Like dota 2! and you will be winner. We love ultima <3 but no cost please!
Rumpelstiltskin 11 Dez, 2014 às 10:31 
Make game for free,with market shop,like dota 2,and u will be winnerz.