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Highway to the Moon
May 10, 2016 - vernaculargames

Hello all you happy people. Been awhile huh? Decided to pop in and let you all know about a set of youtube posts we made, talking about the development of Highway to the Moon, and some of the considerations and challenges we encountered while making it. If you're interested, check out their playlist on our channel.

Or just check out out Channel in general

February 10, 2015 - vernaculargames

Hello Vernacular Faithful!

It's been a long time coming, but we finally finished making Highway to the Moon! You can check out the new trailer to see what the game has become. Right now, we're looking to get it on to as many storefronts as possible, so if you want to see it on Steam go ahead and lend us your support and votes!

Those of you who've been around since we first posted, thanks for sticking with us to this point. Your support has been and is greatly appreciated by all of us here at Vernacular Games.

August 26, 2014 - vernaculargames

Hello all,

Red Coat here. Just letting you all know that development on Highway to the Moon is still a go. Our plan is to finish the game in December of this year. A lot of work has been happening content wise, as we fill out each of the levels with content, and attack our visual presentation with an eye for programmatic enhancement. We've been focusing on elements of conveyance and pageantry, looking to increase the player's ability to perceive, know and use, all of the individual elements of gameplay (such as phasing, Dashing, and Ultra Charge). If you want to know more specifics about development, you can check us out on our:




As always, if you want to see this game on Steam, don't forget to vote!

August 17, 2014 - vernaculargames

As of today, our kickstarter to help fund the production of Highway to the Moon has ended. We did not meet our goal unfortunately, but take heart dear friends. Development on Highway to the Moon will continue apace, and you'll see a release from us in December of this year. So if you haven't voted yet, and you want to see it here on steam, make sure to click that "Yes" button. Every little bit helps.

July 21, 2014 - vernaculargames

Houston we have lift-off! The Kickstarter for Highway to the Moon is now live! Check it out when you can, and spread the word!

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