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June 7 - friken

This last week we finished ship designs for a handful more races. Krex:




We have also completed our transition from 3d ships to 2d w/ spritelamp light lighting + displacement mapping. I'm very pleased with the results. Once I get a couple of these 2d ships fully moved into the game w/ attacks and AI, I'll post a gif or two or combat.

May 14 - friken

Progress on in-game UI:

April 14 - friken

Cylmis moves from concept to reality:

April 6 - friken

The Krex receives it's first animations today.

The Frik:

The Voolgard:

and a pretty mistake... sometimes it is fun to see ideas that don't work out:

April 1 - friken

Hi Guys, We have been hard at work proving out our idea for alien animation (for conversations). I'm happy to say, I think the idea is solid. We are using 2d concept art cut up and bone animated. Similar to how we will be doing our storytelling scenes, we get a good bit of depth from the 2d art with laying and animation: Video#3 and Video#4

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