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December 9, 2014 - railboy

Hello, Everyone!

FRONTIERS has a new home base - a store page! That's where most of the action is happening these days. (In a perfect world I would just merge this page with the store page I think a lot of cool ideas were exchanged in the forums, but that isn't possible unfortunately.) You can check it out here: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE STORE PAGE

You probably noticed that it's in the Early Access section. What's up with that? In case you haven't seen it yet here's an update video going over the whole situation. The short version is I'm out of money and need to release it sooner than expected:

So given that it's not finished yet, what will actually be in the Early Access version when it launches? I'm glad you asked, here's an excerpt from a recent Kickstarter update:

What's NOT in the Beta?

Oof, that's a long list! I'll stick to the big ones: Multiplayer is not implemented. Path editing is disabled. Fast travel is disabled, though that's coming online almost immediately. NPC combat is disabled.

The most important thing that's omitted from the beta will stay that way until final release: Act III. The game is broken up into three acts (plus a short prologue). The end of Act II is a natural breaking point; everything after that is intended to be the culmination of what you've learned in Acts I & II. All the balance and testing we accomplish during the beta will apply to the systems in Act III, but I'll test the storyline internally - this way everyone will be able to experience Act III as an unspoiled, well-balanced, bug-free conclusion.

(You can read the complete update here if you like: CLICK HERE FOR THE KICKSTARTER UPDATE)

That covers the main stuff - I also encourage you to check out the beta forums, where bugs galore are being discovered and fixed daily. If you're on the fence about whether to dive into Early Access that'll give you a more complete picture of where the game is at.

Cheers, and thanks for all your support during the Greenlight process, it meant a lot to me. (Still does!)
- L

October 26, 2014 - railboy

I just posted a quick devlog over at the forums - here's an excerpt and a link to the rest.[]

Let's see, what to share? Well for starters, here's a pic of the bugs that Hannah and I have found / fixed / verified fixed over the last three (!) days. (This is a separate process from fixing bugs reported by playtesters, which is why it's all hand-written instead of in a spreadsheet.)

The process goes like this: we sit down and play a mission, marking down where thing go wrong along the way. We keep playing until we finish the mission. Then we stop, I fix all the bugs and make all the changes that we marked down, push a new build and play the mission again. And again. Rinse, repeat until there are no more changes to make or until you fall asleep, whichever comes first. At first the lists are daunting but you get addicted to the little checkmarks really quickly.

You can read the rest here if you like.[]

I also want to say thanks for all the trust and well wishes you've been sending my way while you wait for the game to be finished. It always cheers me up to see a chat message on Steam even if it's just berating me for taking so long. :)

- L

August 14, 2014 - railboy

Hello! Here's a post sampling the latest Kickstarter update (which you can read in its entirety here). Enjoy!

For those interested in AI stuff (including animal companions) you should check out this devlog I did about the final AI upgrade. It covers some of the final stealth skill mechanics as well.[]

There's also a devlog about map data,[] which covers some of the ways that modders will be able to create their own worlds using Photoshop.

And last but not least there's a devlog about the Bartering skill that should please (annoy?) all you economics buffs out there:[]

- L

June 17, 2014 - railboy

Gameplay Vids
Hello, everyone! There are two new videos in the media section - Trapping Gamplay and Glider Gameplay. You can also view them on YouTube if you like:

General Update
There's also a general update about how the game's going, you can watch that here:

And finally, here's an excerpt about weapons from the Anniversary Kickstarter update:
I've repeatedly stressed that combat in FRONTIERS is simple, simple, simple - a Minecraft-style clickfest. But that doesn't mean there isn't some variety in the weapons available. Here's an overview of your arsenal:

(Click for full size)[]

  • Woodcutting Axe & Pickaxe - Your first two 'weapons' are meant to be used against wood and stone, not flesh, so don't expect easy kills. But they're useful enough for scaring off small attackers like wild pigs and crocodiles.
  • Nightstick - Cheap as dirt and easy to craft - just find a stick! This simple weapon is more effective against the living than a woodcutting axe or pickaxe and it never degrades. It also appears in the crafting blueprint for nearly every other weapon. Plus you can light it on fire in a pinch!
  • Stone Hammer & Metal Hammer - If you can find (or mine) a small stone, simply add it to your nightstick and *bam* - insta-hammer. With this weapon you can defend yourself against most creatures, though you'll have to replace it often. A metal hammer is made with iron ingots - it's rarer and much more expensive, but far more durable.
  • Trainer Bow & Composite Bow - These weapons are difficult to craft and use, but worth it if you don't like close combat. A trainer bow doesn't have much range or power, but it's easier to use without the Bow skill. The composite bow has range and power to spare but without the Bow skill you're as likely to hit yourself as the target.
  • One Handed Axe & Two Handed Axe - These axes are expensive and they're useless against plantlife but they make short work of wildlife. The one handed axe is smaller and will fit in your average sack. The two-handed axe is more powerful, but it also requires a backpack, and you can't carry a lantern while using it. If you plan to fight a bear in close quarters a two-handed axe is the only weapon for the job. Like all axes, they take a long time to swing.
  • Shortsword & Bastard Sword - These are good all-around weapons. They're durable, they swing relatively quickly and they're effective against plantlife and wildlife alike. The Shortsword is less powerful but requires less iron.
  • Rapier - All the damage of a Shortsword with half the swing time. This sword is expensive to craft but durable and useful when dealing with a fast creature.
  • ??? & ??? - These strange and exotic weapons are spoilery so you'll have to wait for the final game to see them...

That's all for now - one more video is on the way, I'll post another update when it's ready. Cheers!

June 16, 2014 - railboy

Our composer Steve Barnes has delivered the final FRONTIERS soundtrack so I thought I'd celebrate by sharing one of my favorite new tracks: Highlands (Day & Night):

You can listen by clicking the link below, or you can view it in the Steam media section. Enjoy!

PS - Get ready for new gameplay videos - over the next three days I'll be posting three new videos plus an update video. See you then!

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