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SightLine Playground - New playable mini-demo
April 2 - Frooxius

The work on full version of SightLine has already begun a while ago, but there wasn't much to show, until now! I'm happy to present to you SightLine Playground: A new simple demo based on the new framework! It works with Oculus as well as on the screen.

Download for: Windows[] | Mac[] | Linux[]

Support further development at IndieGogo! (and share please! :) )[]

You can also watch video from the playground here, but if you can play it first, because spoilers!

SightLine is actually being rebuilt from ground up. The prototype was put together very quickly, so it's very messy, which is why I've been working on a new framework upon which I can build the full game with more ease and flexibility. This demo was built with that framework to test its function and demonstrate basic principles of the game.

This demo may be small and simple, but there's more to come soon! Try it out and don't forget to share your thoughts and show it to all your friends! (and foes too ;) )