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SightLine Prelude and some answers!
March 30, 2014 - Frooxius

We've just released complete SightLine Prelude - animated short that serves as an introduction to the surreal sci-fi story of SightLine, watch it in the media here on Greenlight (it's the second video) and don't forget to tell us what you think! :)

Thanks everyone for the support so far, we're glad you like the game concept and your comments only help to fuel our devotion to the project. We'd like to answer some questions that were raised:

- The game will run on screen as well, so even if you don't own the Oculus Rift, you'll be able to play it (although it will lack the sense of presence and the full immersion - getting Oculus is highly recommended and you can always get it later and then compare the experience! :) )

- Positional tracking will be implemented! We pre-ordered DK2 literally the moment it was announced and we're anxious to integrate it in the game. Not just to add more immersion, but also to find ways to use it as gameplay mechanics!

- SightLine isn't aiming to be a horror experience, there's a plenty of these cooking up for the Rift (check out Spectre for example - SightLine's producer and main voice actor Louis Arrigoni works on that one as well!). Instead we're aiming for "That's beautiful but WTF?!" feeling - bizarre dream-like experiences with thought provoking narration, combined with sci-fi storyline on the HeLiOs stellar station. But don't worry, we have some freaky moments prepared for you as well :)

- At the moment we're not looking into using eye tracking with the screen. We're however adding support for the CastAR with the VR clip-on and are willing to support more new VR devices that doesn't involve any radical changes to the game system.

- It says FruitLine because orange.

Anyway, thanks everyone for support and don't forget! Share, pledge and comment! :)