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Tales of Adventure 2
June 8, 2014 - Callum

Hi, users.
Not long until release now, with confirmation from the other developer. Who's looking forward to being able to get their hands on Tales of Adventure 2! I know I am! See you all soon!


May 23, 2014 - Callum

We've added a lot of new photos and a new video to keep you all updated. We are still perfecting the game, so please just wait a little longer.

Callum Jones.

May 13, 2014 - Callum

Hello Tales of Adventure 2 fans!

Thanks for your continued support. I've noticed that many of you have not taken advantage of our Steam Group which could actually unlock more items for you when we've published the game.

By joining the group you get exclusive push-updates, promotions and free badges, which I'm sure you agree is pretty awesome.

The badges and backrounds will only be avaliable for those who are part of the unique group which is free to join and no membership requests are required for now. Not only this, but joining the group allows you to speak to our directors and managers via the group chat during timed events which are mostly every week.

These events are not on this page and will only be done on our group. We've receieved so much support that we've decided to create the group so we can manage our "unique group" of people.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, which you should! Please visit our group via where you will be able to join by the click of a button.

We are more than happy to also announce that we will be pushing the demo version very soon.

Best Regards,
Callum Jones (BetaSparkUK)
Director of Project & Promotion

May 11, 2014 - Callum

Hello Tales of Adventure 2 fans!

Thanks for visiting the page today as we've got a very important topic to cover. I believe most of you are already aware that we gave out a lot of serial keys. I agree, we've given out a lot.

Anyhow - if you've voted and you've completed the criteria then please follow the steps.

  1. Please wait for the sponsor to email you.
  2. Visit this page (which will be upgraded soon!)
  3. Enter the key on the section which allows you to activate via Steam.

This process depends on the sponsor you used and we hold no responsibility in giving you the keys. You should always direct questions to sponsors who offered you the keys.

If you've got any concerns or questions please give us a comment and we'l respond to it as soon as we can.

Kind Regards,
Callum Jones (BetaSparkUK)
Manager & Promoting Director.

May 7, 2014 - Callum

After many months of waiting the main gameplay has been completed to a stable version. We've now got another month of sound development before release.

Please don't worry about your serial keys and we look forward to seeing you during release. Many of you seem to think we've left you out of the picture and forgotten you (which we haven't!) So please don't feel like we've left you out. We've not even published serials for ourselves yet which means you wont recieve yours yet.

Ensure you keep updated with development by checking the news reguarly!

Callum Jones (BetaSparkUK)
Development Promotor & Managment.

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