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Production Update
9 lipca 2014 - etodd

Hello Steam denizens! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that Lemma is still alive and making significant progress. Since the last public demo, Lemma has received a total engine overhaul, a brand new player character with new, high-quality animations, some major level design improvements, and a redesigned level editor that's almost ready for public consumption.

And now, it has a new trailer!

We are still a ways out from any solid announcements, but if you'd like to see more frequent updates, I've been posting weekly(ish) over on my development blog[et1337.com].

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Komentarzy: 5
SaltyPeanut 23 listopada 2014 o 7:53 
dioGGuêra 15 lipca 2014 o 7:19 
waiting for the full <3
Ritzier 10 lipca 2014 o 3:47 
Conehæd The Barbarian 10 lipca 2014 o 2:21 
Looks good, can't wait untill Jan!
T E R F 9 lipca 2014 o 22:33 
Aw I'll miss the old one.