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Production Update
9. heinäkuu, 2014 - etodd

Hello Steam denizens! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that Lemma is still alive and making significant progress. Since the last public demo, Lemma has received a total engine overhaul, a brand new player character with new, high-quality animations, some major level design improvements, and a redesigned level editor that's almost ready for public consumption.

And now, it has a new trailer!

We are still a ways out from any solid announcements, but if you'd like to see more frequent updates, I've been posting weekly(ish) over on my development blog[et1337.com].

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5 kommenttia
freak_ 23. marras, 2014 7.53 
Mutemath 15. heinä, 2014 7.19 
waiting for the full <3
RitzierMist2795 10. heinä, 2014 3.47 
Conehæd The Barbarian 10. heinä, 2014 2.21 
Looks good, can't wait untill Jan!
LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING 9. heinä, 2014 22.33 
Aw I'll miss the old one.