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Unnatural Selection: Eat the Future
September 4, 2014 - Heavyarm$

Hi guys and gals, I have joined forces with the developer of Unnatural Selection, and am pleased to announce that I will be given a lot of creative direction in this Unnatural World.

A quick boring bio before we get to the good stuff! I am Dikran Nazarian, its a funky one so don't even bother trying to pronounce it! Lets just call me 3D Kron , or Heavyarms as is my gamer alias.

I do 3D Art, Animation, & Concept Art, Story Boarding, Technical Direction, Look Dev.
I am an art graduate from U of H, I met Randal about 2 years ago when this project was in its infancy (and our game design skills were too).
I am a hardcore gamer,
- Old school Counter-Strike cal-i player,
- 13th lvl 99 and 1st lvl 99 druid Diablo 2 original xpack s1
- Vanilla WoW World First Twin Emps and alliance first Thunderfury raider in <vodka> on Mannoroth
- Diablo 3 battle tag Heavyarms#1116

Of all the games I played HoN the most, as stated, I love pvp, I love the raw madness that goes on in HoN, and those hilarious announcers. I love borderlands 2, shame about how much cheating goes on, but they have a really great platform to build from and that style is something that seeps into my work.

So fast forward to present day, me and Randal have teamed up, we feel VERY confident that we can pull off a large overhaul of the game stepping into a 2.0 phase, with a new sense of direction and purpose.
Bringing you a legendary experience, memorable heroes, awesome mutations, fun interactive gameplay, and a story that will last throughout the ages.

I, 3DKron promise to work night and day 7 days a week to create the most kick ass game under the sea, and as such I shall not shave my mustache until I have a job with Blizzard or have this game self-sufficient due to the demand.
Without further ado, just some art I have started working on for the game.

May 22, 2014 - Randler

Hi everyone, Randal here. It's a little belated, but I thought I should relate that we recently became the #1 game in the US Imagine Cup! Only one more stage in between us and the world finals!
We've been adding mutations one by one, and I recently finished our dialogue event system. I've uploaded a screenshot to illustrate the kind of characters you will encounter on your quest to consume everything good and tasty the future has to offer.
We're optimistic about releasing the game within the next a few months. I think we should be able to provide a free demo before then, too, with a few single player levels and online co-op enabled. We may have to empty every surrounding store of their red bull stock to make it happen, but this is a story that needs to be told!

April 13, 2014 - Randler

I've put together our first short teaser on ultimate forms. Feast your eyes on the Leviathan! I've highlighted a few of their defining characterstics, though I've left the Leviathan ultimate ability out for now. Have to leave a few surprises for you guys to discover. Also, MAYBE we have to refine the mechanics a tad before showing it. It's a bit... unbalanced. :D

April 4, 2014 - Randler

I added the concept for the evolutionary tree! We've already finished some of the final forms, and I'll post a "class preview" video sometime this weekend for one of them. Let me know your thoughts!

March 20, 2014 - Randler

Hi everyone! We're utterly floored by the responses we're getting! We've just about passed the 1000 upvote mark now. This is the first game either Sean or I have released and it's just such an awesome feeling to have all our hard work validated by so many people. We'll continue to release more videos and screenshots over the coming weeks, so be sure to come back every once in a while to see our progress. Especially if you're one of those "ask me again later" people!
I'd also like to add that the price of this game is still under discussion, as neither of us have enough experience to gauge what's appropriate. We can, however, promise that the game will be $10 or less - probably less. Free to play might even be a possibility if there's enough interest in the game.
Please tell all your friends about the game if you want to see it on Steam! We need every last vote! Once this game gets through Greenlight, I'll feel comfortable working on this game full time, instead of only part-time!
Again, keep those comments coming. It's great to hear from you, and it sure is fun to be on the other side of this process for the first time.

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