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Project Land Mineded
July 28 - MarsEdge

This is too small an update to get a full version tick - mainly bugfixes and tweaks. The main change is that the weapon balancing has been altered to make the duels more fair. There are a bunch of larger updates to come (including more Steamworks support!), but I wanted to fix a couple issues first.

  • Code cleanup and optimization
  • Started work on team-based game type (not active yet)
  • Fix mutators not working in menu
  • Improve/optimize all weapon particle effects
  • Increase spawn protection time (went from 2s to 4s)
  • Decrease mine damage
  • Color-code menu signs
  • Weapon balancing overhaul
Download Link:

July 18 - MarsEdge

This release starts the remodeling of all the levels. Currently, only Agony has been remade. The others are coming soon. There are also various improvements across the board. This is a large release, totaling 67 commits. It also increases the download size by 40mb due to the new Agony models and materials.

  • Added custom loading screen
  • Normalized menu music volume
  • Increased character walking speed
  • Started work on a tutorial (not finished)
  • Remade Agony with MUCH more environmental detail
  • Improved projectile collision math
  • Added sprinting mutator
  • Almost all mutators can now be activated in the menu
  • Optimized all particle effects
  • Added more weapon sound effects
  • Improved projectile blast mutator code
  • Added visual quality settings buttons
  • Added resolution buttons
  • Improved projectile network syncing
  • Balanced tweaks
  • Optimized menu lighting
  • Increased max network bandwidth

Download Link:

June 9 - MarsEdge

This release marks the addition of a lot of user feedback in terms of both visuals and gameplay. This game is still very much evolving, so this is not the end result. Still, it is a step closer to the inevitable Gold version.

  • Added Bots
  • Started Agony Level Detailing
  • Improved Lighting
  • Destroyed Rift Option if No Rift Detected
  • Some Mutators Work in Menu
  • Balance Tweaks
Download Link:

April 20 - MarsEdge

This update marks the first publicly released version from the 0.3.X series. A lot of small things have changed that add up to a large update. Many of the larger additions didn't make it into this build, but they are coming along quite nicely. I hope to share those with you once they are in a more show-worthy state.


  • Improve weapon and metal materials
  • Improve height maps of all materials
  • Fix rocket launcher not casting shadow
  • Improve rocket explosion effect
  • Improve light projectile particle system
  • Lower air cannon priority
  • Fix shooting yourself when falling bug
  • Improve vector math for scatter projectile
  • Fix Hawking animations
  • Reduce mouse sensitivity
Download Link:

April 15 - MarsEdge

I was recently in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the 2014 Heartland Gaming Expo. I got a bunch of useful feedback there that could only come from having tons of people playing Project Land Mineded. The judges really liked PLM to the point that I walked away with second place. It was a very fun event. I met a lot of gamers there – some of whom saw PLM last year. They were very impressed in the progress it has made.

Now that HGE is over, I'm going to be working on incorporating their feedback, your feedback, and miscellaneous items that have been on my radar for a while now. I'll keep you updated whenever I make a major addition.

-Marty Rand
Lead Developer
Martion Laboratories

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