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Box Out!
October 10 - Da Picky Monkey

Hi Guys,

Two French videogames website have made a test of Box Out! (via our Desura version), here's links to have a look of their toughts:

Art Of Gaming:
Game Side Story:

They liked it and we're so glad!

April 17 - Hyunkel

Hi guys,
First, thank you for your votes!
We're really happy to have your support and your ideas! It's really important to us and to our baby Box Out!

Now, until we're greenlit (with a little luck and your help) you can find the game on Desura, GamersGate and because we care more about your entertainment and fun than anything else !
A demo is also on it's way!

And if you like (or not), don't hesitate to tell us or your friends about it!

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