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Viking Ghost
23 август - Dead Alien Cult

[Sorry if gifs load slow]

First just a quick update on our old pal ''Mini Dragon''. Below are a few in game shots of him in action (ignore the temp UI and obviously over-powered weapons ;). We plan to have a few different versions of "mini dragon mobile turrets" with different projectile patterns / abilities.

If you'd like to help us pick a name for him and have a chance at winning a free copy of the game when it's released - head over to our forums and leave your suggestions in this thread: Dead Alien Cult Forums - Contest[www.deadaliencult.com]

Here's a closer view to help you come up with name ideas!

Have fun and stay brutal! \m/

Team DAC

9 август - Dead Alien Cult

This is an exciting update for us, and hopefully for all of you as well - we've had a lot people ask us to add local co-op and so we've listened to your feedback and have added it - and it's really cool! Thanks to everyone who made the suggestion! We'll be posting some footage of that in the near future so stay tuned!

Also here's our new playable character; Brunhilde - the badass valkyrie!

30 юли - Dead Alien Cult

Recently we've had some Greenlight user feedback asking us to keep y'all updated more often, so we thought we'd share one of our more important updates here with you guys.

Unfortunately our current (pre-alpha) trailer is using our old player movement but we've spent some time *vastly* improving our player movement control scheme as well as adding proper directional animation blending (and cloth sim cape movement).

These 3 things not only make the player movement look SO much better overall, but make the control feel so much more fluid and responsive. Pretty stoked on these additions to the game!

Below are some gifs to try and illustrate the changes...


In this older movement example, the player was forced to use both analog sticks to maneuver the environment, regardless of if you were aiming at a target or not (for the record, you WILL also be able to use keyboard & mouse controls if you prefer). This made moving through a simple room/around objects super awkward and cumbersome, and if you didn't use both sticks - you'd end up running sideways or backwards a lot. Made things look really goofy and felt bad overall.

Also in the above example, you'll notice there's no animation blending for the different directions the player runs in (all directions were only using a ''forward run cycle'' and it looked and felt awful and ''slidey''. The cape looks like complete shit here as well because it has broken keyframes and was hand animated - where as the new stuff uses Shroud plugin for realtime cloth sim control.


In the new set up, we have the players directional movement mapped to the left stick, and right stick still acts as aiming and allows you to strafe still, as well as walk/run backwards etc. We've added animation blending for the directional changes and updated the cape with the new cloth sim work.

That's all for now. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!!


8 април - Dead Alien Cult

Howdy everyone,

Just a quick note to let everyone know we've updated our forums (our old one was super slow and had gross ads embedded in it by default). You can find them over at Dead Alien Cult forums[www.deadaliencult.com] - Please join us there to give us all your awesome suggestions and feedback on Viking Ghost!!

We've also set up a newsletter list you can join to keep up to date on announcements and other cool stuff. This is not only a great way to find out about feature updates, but also good for things like upcoming Live Development streams, Q&A, and more. You can sign up for that here: Dead Alien Cult Newsletter[www.deadaliencult.com]

So join the Cult & together let's make Viking Ghost as kick ass as possible!

Team DAC

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