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AE Heart
A few notes on the development of AE Heart
March 20, 2014 - ckeen8

I thought it would be useful to say a few words about the spirit in which AE Heart was developed and where I plan to take it in the future.

The AE project was born from a desire to create RPGs with a great sense of challenge, replayability, and fun. Part of the replayability part of this is that I want to make sure the concepts I come up with for the games in this series aren't finished being developed once the game is released. This first arc of the series has at least four games planned for it, each which will look at one aspect of RPGs that I really love. The focus of AE Heart, for example, was combat, while the focus of the next game in the series, AE Core, will be on the world itself.

Each of the games in this series are meant to share with the other games in the series, meaning that AE Heart will remain in active development so long as any of its sequels are in active development. I want to continue to flesh out the concepts each of these games have to offer as I develop new concepts, and to include as much content from each of the games in each of the other games, meaning that over time, each one of these games should grow significantly. I hope this development process will lead this series to have a lot of things to do, and that these games will be enjoyable for players for many years to come.

I just thought you might be curious to know a little bit about the game you see before you, and why it's here. Thank you all so much for taking the time to check it out!